Greenville County, SC Mines

Mines in Greenville County, SC

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Barnett & Simmons Deposits Private Mica
Beam Sillimanite Prospect Andalusite-Kyanite-Sillmanite
Boling Mine Private Mica
Briggs Prospect Private Gold
Briggs Prospect Private Gold
Caesar's Head Mine Private Mica
Charles Brooks Iron
Clark-Tyger Sand Mine Sand
Coke Cooper Prospect Private Mica
Cooper Sand Co. Piedmont Mine Cooper Sand Co. Private Sand and Gravel
Cureton Mine Private Underground Gold
Cureton Mine Private Gold
Delzer Dredge Metromont Materials Corp., Sand Div. Unknown Sand and Gravel
Desota Prospect Private Gold
Desoto Prospect Private Gold
Edgcomb Steel--Greenville, S.C. Edgcomb Steel Co. Private Aluminum
Fountain Inn Prospect Gold
Fred Cox Mine Private Mica
Gillard Creek Iron
Greenville Mine Zupan Sand And Concrete Co. Private Sand and Gravel
Hendrix Pit Private Sand and Gravel
Hendrix Pit Private Sand and Gravel
Joe Darby Deposit Private Mica
L E Stringer Prospect Private Mica
Mcbee Placer Private Gold
Mills Herren Prospect Private Iron
Pearson and Scott Sillimanite Prspt Private Andalusite-Kyanite-Sillmanite
Pelham Quarry Pelham Stone Co. Unknown Stone, Crushed
Piedmont Mine Private Sand and Gravel
Placer Prospect 9-P Iron
R S Berry Prospect Private Mica
Rester Mine Sand and Gravel
Sandy Flat Quarry Private Stone
Stone, Crushed
Sandy Flats Quarry Interstate Materials, Inc. Private Stone, Crushed
Tiger Vermiculite
Tigerville Prospect Private Zirconium
Unnamed Crushed Stone Quarry Private Stone
Stone, Crushed
Unnamed Crushed Stone Quarry Stone
Stone, Crushed
Vulcan Materials Co. S. Quarry Vulcan Materials Co., Southeast Division Private Stone, Crushed
W F Holloway & J J Brown Prospects Private Mica
Waldrop Iron
Westmoreland Mine Gold
Westmoreland Mine Private Gold
Wild Cat Mine Gold
Wild Cat Mine Private Gold
Will Cleveland Prospect Private Mica
Willimon Mine Private Clays
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