Washoe Valley, NV Silver Mines

Silver Mines in Washoe Valley, Nevada

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Bargo Mining and Milling Co Unknown Silver
Carson Mine Unknown Silver
Commonwealth Private Silver
Denver Mine BLM Administrative Area Silver
Denver Mine Unknown Silver
Ellen B Unknown Silver
Fink and Mahoney Mine Unknown Silver
Freiberg Mine Unknown Silver
Galena Hill Mine Private Silver
Galena Hill Mine Unknown Silver
Lucky Strike Group Unknown Silver
Mahoney Mine BLM Administrative Area Silver
NBMG Sample Site 4321 Silver
North Carson Silver
North Carson Mine Unknown Silver
Oristimba Claims Heritage Mining Co. BLM Administrative Area Silver
Pandora BLM Administrative Area Silver
Pandora Shaft Unknown Silver
Red Top Unknown Silver
Rocky Hill Mine Unknown Silver
Steamboat Springs Mine Silver
Steamboat Springs Mine Private Silver
Unamed Mercury Private Silver
Union Lead Mine Union Lead Mining And Smelter Co. Private Silver
Wild Goose Mine Unknown Silver
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