Grass Valley, CA Gold Mines

Gold Mines in Grass Valley, California

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
All's Well Qtz Gold
Allison Ranch Gold
Allison Ranch Ford Underground Gold
Allison Ranch Qtz. Underground Gold
Alls Well Unknown Gold
Alpha Qtz Underground Gold
Alta Hill Gravel Nos. 2 and 3 Gold
Alta Hill Gravel Nos. 2 and 3 Unknown Gold
Auroral Star Unknown Gold
Badger Hill Qtz. Gold
Belle of France Underground Gold
Belle of France Gold
Berriman Underground Gold
Black Hawk Ext. Underground Gold
Blue Bell Gold
Blue Bell Unknown Gold
Blue Gravel Shaft Gold
Blue Gravel Shaft Unknown Gold
Blue Ridge Vein Unknown Gold
Boundary Unknown Gold
Boundary Unknown Gold
Brickyard Lot Unknown Gold
Brockington Cons. Gold
Brockington Consolidated Unknown Gold
Brunswick Underground Gold
Brydon Gold
Brydon Unknown Gold
Buckskin Lode Gold
Cabin Flat Qtz. Gold
Carr Unknown Gold
Cassidy Con Ext. & W.Y.O.D. Lode Gold
Cassidy Cons. Qtz. Surface/Underground Gold
Central North Star Underground Gold
Central Shaft Gold
Central Shaft Unknown Gold
Chesapeake Gold
Christopher Columbus Gold
Christopher Columbus Consolidated Unknown Gold
Cincinnatti Hill Unknown Gold
Cincinnatti Hill Qtz. Underground Gold
Coe Unknown Gold
Coe Mines Underground Gold
Columbia Lode Gold
Connecticut Gold
Connecticut Lode Gold
Contention Gold
Contention Unknown Gold
Copens Gold
Copens Gold
Croesus Cons. Gold
Croesus North Ext Lode Gold
Crown Point Con. Qtz. Underground Gold
Dakota Qtz Underground Gold
Dakota Qtz Unknown Gold
Dewey Hobson Unknown Gold
Dewey Hobson Qtz Gold
Diamond Underground Gold
Diamond Gold
Dipper Gold
Dipper Gold
Dividend Gold
Dividend Gold
Dog Star Gold
Dog Star Lode Gold
Dromedary Gold
East Eureka Lode Gold
East Star Lode Gold
Emmett Unknown Gold
Emmett Qtz Gold
Empire - North Star Mine Surface: Calif. Dept. of Parks and Recreation Private Gold
Empire Mines Co. Underground Gold
Empire West Underground Gold
Empire West Gold
Eureka Gold Qtz Underground Gold
Fahey Gold
Fair Play Gold
Fillmore Qtz Gold
Franklin Gold
Galena Quartz Gold
Gambler Gold & Silver Gold
Garage Underground Gold
General Grant Qtz Gold
Gladstone Gold
Gladstone Gold
Gladstone Gold
Gladstone Unknown Gold
Glennan Unknown Gold
Godfreys Shaft Gold
Godfreys Shaft Unknown Gold
Gold Bar Qtz Gold
Gold Hill Mine Private Gold
Gold Hill Qtz Gold
Golden Center Unknown Gold
Golden Center Gp Underground Gold
Golden Center Mine Private Gold
Golden Gate East and West Gold
Golden Gate Gp Underground Gold
Golden Gate Group Unknown Gold
Golden Treasure Gold
Golden Treasure Unknown Gold
Good Hope Qtz Underground Gold
Granite Hill Gold
Granite Hill Qt Unknown Gold
Granite Hill Qtz Unknown Gold
Grant Unknown Gold
Grant Qtz Underground Gold
Grass Valley District Gold
Grass Valley District - Remainder NEWMONT MINING CORPORATION Gold
Great Bear Gold
Great Bear Qtz Gold
Great Britain Con. Qtz. Gold
Great Britian C Unknown Gold
Greely Blackman Unknown Gold
Greely Blackman Qtz. Gold
Green Unknown Gold
Green Mountain Unknown Gold
Grover Cleveland Gold
Grover Cleveland Gold
Half Moon Unknown Gold
Half Moon Qtz. Gold
Hartary Gold
Hartary Gold
Hartery Underground Gold
Hermosa Qtz. Underground Gold
Hidden Treasure Gold
Hill Lode Gold
Hill Lode Gold
Hills Sulphuret Works Site Gold
Hills Sulphuret Works Site Unknown Gold
Home Gold
Home Unknown Gold
Home Qtz Unknown Gold
Home Ticket Gold
Homeward Bound Underground Gold
Hope Gravel Mining Company Claim Unknown Gold
Hope Gravel Mng. Co. Claim Gold
Hopkins Gold
Hopkins Gold
Hudson Bay Qtz Underground Gold
Hughes Gold
I. X. L. Unknown Gold
I.X.L. Gold
Idaho - Maryland Surface/Underground Gold
Idaho - Maryland Mine Emgold Mining Corp. Private Gold
Idaho Gold Qtz Gold
Idaho Lode Gold
Idaho Maryland Emperor Gold Corp. Unknown Gold
Income and Indiana Gold
Indiana Lode Gold
Ingersoll Gold Unknown Gold
Ingersoll Gold Qtz Gold
Inkerman Gold
Inkmargue Gp. Underground Gold
Irish American Gold
Irish American Unknown Gold
Irish American Qtz Gold
Irish American Quartz Gold
Ismert Gold
James D. Hague Claim Gold
James D. Hague Claim Unknown Gold
Jenny Lind Con Qtz Gold
Jersey Blue Unknown Gold
Jersey Blue Qtz Gold
Johnny Lind Unknown Gold
Jordan Gold
Jupiter Gold
Jupiter Gold Mine Private Gold
Jupiter Lode Gold
Kemp Gold
Kentucky Qtz Underground Gold
Keystone Lode Gold
King Bee Unknown Gold
King Bee Qtz. Gold
Lamarque Con Underground Gold
Larimer Unknown Gold
Larimer Qtz Gold
Liberty Hill and Noon Summer Unknown Gold
Liberty Hill Con Gold
Linden Next Lode Gold
Linden Qtz Surface/Underground Gold
Lode Star Gold
Lode Star Qtz Gold
Lone Jack Qtz Underground Gold
Lone Ridge Underground Gold
Loutzenheiser Tract Gold
Loutzenheizer Tract Gold
Lucky Boy Gold
Lucky Boy Lode Gold
Mackay Qtz Gold
Magenta Qtz Gold
Mars Lode Gold
Mary Ann Underground Gold
Mary Ann Gold
Mascot Gold
Massachusetts Hill Mine Private Gold
Massachusetts Hill Qtz Gold
Mcdonald Ranch Gold
Mcdonald Ranch Gold
McKay Gold
McKay Unknown Gold
Milky Way Lode Gold
Mills Unknown Gold
Minnesota Gold
Minnesota Gold
Minnie Con Qtz Unknown Gold
Minnie Con. Qtz. Gold
Moorehouse Qtz Gold
Morning Star Lode Gold
Morning Star Lode Gold
Mother Neal Gold
Nevada Gold
Nevada City Ext. Gold
Nevada Qtz Gold
New Dorn Hill Gold
New Eureka Gold
New Idea Qtz Gold
New Location Gold
New Location Qtz Gold
New Pittsburg Gold
New Rocky Bar Gold
New York Hill Gold
New York Hill Unknown Gold
New York Hill Mine Private Gold
Nichols Group Gold
Nichols Group Unknown Gold
North Star Cal-Sierra Rock Co. Gold
O.K. Qtz Gold
Old Houston Gold
Oliver Gold
Oliver Unknown Gold
Omaha - Lone Jack Mines Private Gold
Omaha Cons. Underground Gold
Ophirophir Hill Gold
Oregon Underground Gold
Oregon Unknown Gold
Original Empire Gold
Original Grey Hound Unknown Gold
Original Greyhound Lode Gold
Orion Gold
Orion Unknown Gold
Panama Lode Gold
Parr Qtz Gold
Pathfinder Unknown Gold
Pathfinder Lode Gold
Patrick Daley Claim Gold
Patrick Daley Claim Unknown Gold
Patty Craney Gold
Patty Craney Unknown Gold
Peabody Qtz Gold
Peck Fraction Gold
Peck Fraction Unknown Gold
Pennsylvania Underground Gold
Pennsylvania Unknown Gold
Pennsylvania - W.Y.O.D. Mines Private Gold
Pennsylvania Consolidated Qtz Gold
Phoenix Gold
Phoenix Unknown Gold
Phoenix Park Underground Gold
Phoenix Park Gold
Pioneer Underground Gold
Pleirdes Gold
Polar Star Underground Gold
Polar Star Gold
Powning Unknown Gold
Powning Qtz Gold
Pratt & Dubugue Con Qtz Gold
Prescott Hill Gold
Red Hill Specimen Gold
Red Hill Specimen Unknown Gold
Reuben Thomas Gold
Reuben Thomas Unknown Gold
Rich Hill Underground Gold
Rip Van Winkle Gold
Roannaise Gold
Rock Roche Qtz Unknown Gold
Rock Roche Qtz. Gold
Rocky Bar Gold
Rocky Bar Qtz. Gold
Root Ext. Fraction Lode Gold
Root Ext. Qtz. Gold
Root Extension Unknown Gold
Rose Hill Underground Gold
Rose Hill Unknown Gold
Rush and Minnie Unknown Gold
Rush Qtz. Gold
San Francisco Gold
Sanvee Underground Gold
Saturn Gold
Saturn Lode Gold
Sauvee Unknown Gold
Scadden Flat Gold
Scadden Flat Unknown Gold
Schofield Gold Qtz Gold
Scotia Underground Gold
Scotia Unknown Gold
Shanghai Con. Qtz Gold
Shanghai Cons. Quartz Unknown Gold
Signal Lode Gold
Silver Bar Unknown Gold
Silver Bar Qtz Gold
Sims Cons. Qtz Gold
Somerset Unknown Gold
Somerset Qtz. Gold
South Banner Underground Gold
South Idaho Cons. Qtz. Underground Gold
South Idaho Consolidated Unknown Gold
Southern Unknown Gold
Southern Qtz. Gold
Spanish Hill Gold
Spanish Hill Unknown Gold
Spring Hill Underground Gold
Spring Hill Unknown Gold
Spring Hill Ext. Qtz. Gold
St Clair Unknown Gold
St. Clair, Columbia, Columbia Ext. and Leonia. Gold
St. John Qtz Underground Gold
St. Johns Unknown Gold
Standard Unknown Gold
Star of the East Unknown Gold
Star of the East Lode Gold
Stratton Gold
Stratton Unknown Gold
Strike Qtz Gold
Sultana - Orleans Mine Private Gold
Sunside Gold
Sunside Lode Gold
Taurus Unknown Gold
Taurus Lode Gold
Telegraph Underground Gold
Thompson and Berry Gold
Thompson-Berry Con Qtz Gold
Tilden Con Qtz Gold
Town Talk Unknown Gold
Tribune Gold Qtz Gold
Tribute Unknown Gold
Tule Belle Qtz Gold
Tunnel Discovery Gold
Twilight Unknown Gold
Twilight Qtz Gold
U. S. Grant Lode Unknown Gold
Union Underground Gold
Unknown Gold
Uranus Gold
Uranus Unknown Gold
Victory Gold
Victory Unknown Gold
Victory City Qtz. Gold
W.Y.O.D. Qtz Underground Gold
Walworth Qtz. Gold
Watt & Co Qtz Gold
Wedge Lode Unknown Gold
Wedge Lode Qtz Gold
White Oak Gold
White Oak East Ext Lode Gold
Wild Cat Consolidated Unknown Gold
Wild West Gold Unknown Gold
Wild West Gold Qtz Gold
Wildcat Con Qtz Gold
William Tell Lode Gold
Wisconsin - Illinois Gold
Wisconsin - Illinois Gold
Wisconsin No 2 Lode Gold
Wisconsin Qtz Underground Gold
Wyoming Gold
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