Yuma County, AZ Gold Mines

Gold Mines in Yuma County, AZ

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Adams Mine Group Federal Underground Gold
Allison Prospect BLM Administrative Area Gold
Annie Kaltenback Military Reservation Gold
Annie Mine Federal Underground Gold
Antiguo Gold and Copper Co Antiguo Gold And Copper Co Unknown Gold
Apex Mine BLM Administrative Area Underground Gold
Baker Delgado Gold
Belle Mackeever Group Davis, Lamar, Ammeter Unknown Gold
Belle Mackeever Prospect BLM Administrative Area Gold
Bettylee Mine Swenson, Copper, And Mcintosh Federal Underground Gold
Big Eye, Outlook, and Lookout Mines Ketcherside, Grover, Crowder, And Green Federal Gold
Big Horn Federal Gold
Bill Taft Group Unknown Gold
Bill Taft Mine BLM Administrative Area Underground Gold
Blodgett Prospect Federal Surface Gold
Blue Bird Green And Myers Federal Gold
Buckeye Vein Group Mrs. Eliza De Luce Federal Underground Gold
Bunker Hill Polhamus Gold
C.O.D. Prospect Federal Unknown Gold
Camp Creek Prospect BLM Administrative Area Underground Gold
Camp Creek Prospect Owens, J. M. Unknown Gold
Castle Dome Gold Placers Federal Gold
Cemetery Ridge Prospects Goetz, Charles Unknown Gold
Chicago Group Rob Roy Development Co Federal Gold
Cleveland-Chicago Group Federal Underground Gold
Collins Prospect BLM Administrative Area Gold
Collins Prospect Unknown Gold
Copper Glance Mine Crowder, Gifford, And Ferguson Federal Gold
Double Eagle Mine Federal Underground Gold
Double Eagle Mine Arizona Double Eagle Corp Military Reservation Gold
Draghi Frazier Military Reservation Gold
Draghi Prospect Federal Underground Gold
Edna Bell James M Ayers Gold
Edna Bell Edna Bell Mining Co Unknown Gold
Engesser Mine Unknown Gold
England Mine Gold
Evening Star Mine Linder And Findley Federal Gold
Flora No 1 and 2 Gold
Fortuna Mine U.S. Air Force (Luke Air Force Base Bombing Range) Military Reservation Gold
Frisco, Betty Lee, and Ella J Mines Arizona Consolidated Mining Co. Military Reservation Gold
Geyser Federal Gold
Geyser Prospect Federal Underground Gold
Gila City Mine BLM Administrative Area Gold
Gila City Placers Military Reservation Gold
Golden Dream Group Miller And Norman Military Reservation Gold
Golden Dream Prospect BLM Administrative Area Gold
Golden Eagle Federal Gold
Golden Harp O. Newbrogh And T Bryden Unknown Gold
Golden Harp Mine Federal Surface/Underground Gold
Golden Queen Mine Federal Underground Gold
Grady and Standard Gold
I.X.L. Prospect Federal Underground Gold
India Prospect Federal Gold
Iron Wood Mine Sam Federal Gold
Ixl Federal Gold
Jude Mine County Gold
Jude Mine Group Fay Mining Co Unknown Gold
King of Arizona Mine Federal Underground Gold
King of Arizona Mine Kofa Mining Syndicate Federal Gold
Kofa Gold Placers Federal Gold
Kofa Mine Federal Gold
Kofa Queen Security Federal Gold
La Fortuna Mine Military Reservation Underground Gold
La Suerta Gold
Laguna Dam Placers and Prospects Unknown Gold
Laguna Placers State Gold
Laguna Placers Military Reservation Gold
Las Flores Mine Group San Pablo Mining Co Unknown Gold
Las Flores Placers Federal Gold
Las Flores Placers Unknown Gold
Last Chance and Copper Coin Mines Pedstel And Everhandy Military Reservation Gold
Lookout Hudson Gold
Lucky Strike Prospect Unknown Gold
Mable Mine Jones Federal Underground Gold
McKay Prospect BLM Administrative Area Gold
McKay Prospect Unknown Gold
Mcphall Prospect BLM Administrative Area Gold
Mcphaul Placers Mc Phaul Unknown Gold
Mcphaul Prospect Unknown Gold
Midnight Mine Findley Federal Gold
Mormon Bishop No 2 Spencer And Bertock Gold
Muggins Placers Federal Gold
North Star Gold
North Star Mine Golden Star Mining And Milling Co Federal Gold
Oakland Mine BLM Administrative Area Gold
Oakland Mine Davis Unknown Gold
Old Jack Svenson Gold
Old Soak Military Reservation Gold
Old Soak R. Peters Gold
Outlook Green And Crowder And Ketcherside Gold
Pandino Mine Federal Surface/Underground Gold
Poorman Mine Eaton, Svenson, Hindman Military Reservation Gold
Poorman Prospect Federal Underground Gold
Prohoroff-Van Landingham Claim Unknown Gold
Prohoroff-Van Landingham Prospect Federal Gold
Quartette Mine Ely Federal Gold
Quartz Gold
Quartzite Fries Gold
Ramey Mine Federal Gold
Ramey Mine Unknown Gold
Rand Federal Gold
Rand Prospect Federal Gold
Rasmussen Gold
Rasmussen Federal Gold
Red Bird Prospect BLM Administrative Area Underground Gold
Red Cross Mine Military Reservation Gold
Red Cross Mine Norton Military Reservation Gold
Regal Federal Gold
Regal Prospect E. Becher And John Collins Military Reservation Gold
Rialto Group G. Hull Federal Underground Gold
Sheep Claim Mine Federal Underground Gold
Sheep Mine Kurtz And G T Richardson Military Reservation Gold
Sheep Tanks Mine Federal Unknown Gold
Sheep Tanks Mine Dillard Federal Gold
Silver Prince Mine Jones, Renner, Britt And Edgerton, Nickle, Browning Federal Gold
Smith Mine Federal Gold
Southern Extension Crowder And Ketcherside Gold
Sphinx of Ariz Wilson Gold
Squaw Mts Mulligan Gold
Sw Muggins Mtns Gold Placers Military Reservation Gold
Tavasci Prospect Military Reservation Underground Gold
Thumb Butte Gifford And Ferguson And Sturgess Gold
Traeger Prospect Federal Underground Gold
Tungsten Mine Group Meyers Federal Gold
Tunnel Springs Beeler, Chapin, Smale Federal Gold
Unknown Martinez Gold
Unknown Mc Millan Gold
Unknown Telluride Mining Co Gold
Unknown Brown Gold
Unknown Mc Adam Gold
Unknown Quick Gold
Unknown Fuher Gold
Unknown Mott Gold
Unknown Military Reservation Gold
Unknown Donnly Gold
Unknown Gregor Gold
Unknown Heinz Gold
Unknown Johnson Gold
Unknown Gayton Gold
Unknown Hurbert Gold
Unknown North Star Mercantile Co Gold
Unknown Reise Gold
Unknown Wheeler Gold
Unknown Lucero Gold
Unknown Coz And Gill Gold
Unknown Page Gold
Unknown Feazer Gold
Unknown Frazier Gold
Unknown Frazier Gold
Unknown Gibralter Mining Co Gold
Unknown Nottbusch Gold
Unnamed Mine Military Reservation Gold
Unnamed Prospect Military Reservation Gold
Unnamed Prospect State Gold
Unnamed Prospect Gold
Unnamed Prospect Gold
Unnamed Prospect Gold
Unnamed Prospect Gold
Valra Group Valva Mining Co (Apple) Unknown Gold
Venegas Federal Gold
Verdstone J. D. J. Mineral Inc. Gold
Victory No 2 Gold Dome Mining Co Unknown Gold
Vinegaroon Wash Gold Placers Unknown Gold
Wellton Hills Frazier Gold
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