Yarnell, AZ Gold Mines

Gold Mines in Yarnell, Arizona

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Alto No.0 and Alto No.1 Private Gold
Alvarado Mine Unknown Gold
Alvardo Scarth Oil Mixed Gold
B-J 1-3 John Elphinstone Mixed Gold
Bee Hive Mine Underground Gold
Black Dyke Dorothy And David Green-Lee Gold
Blue Bucket Mixed Gold
Bonanza Patented MS Nd 1203a Jim S Callen BLM Administrative Area Gold
Boxer Placers Chadow Co. Mixed Gold
Buckhorn Frank Lampe Mixed Gold
Byron Moyer Byron Moyer And A W Nelson Mixed Gold
Commodore Group Mixed Gold
Consolidated Chemical and Mining Consolidated Chemical And Mining Corp Mixed Gold
Contact and Gold Spring Hassayampa Gold Mining Co BLM Administrative Area Gold
Cuba Mine Underground Gold
De Vault Placers J. And D De Vault Mixed Gold
Devils West Donald Swensen, Elmer Merdick,Mittie Hall Mixed Gold
Divide and Elsie Jackpot J. P Kolar Private Gold
Dixie Mine Underground Gold
Eagle Messinger Harrison Lone Star Raymond Bert Etal Mixed Gold
Flora and Robert Claims Williams, T. R. Mixed Gold
Golden Goose Leland Kelley Mixed Gold
Golden Gravel Demco Corp Mixed Gold
Hackberry Lodes Harold W. Brinkley Mixed Gold
Hartman West, J. Andrew State Gold
Hayden James, Albert And Rozema, Wes BLM Administrative Area Gold
Jerome Louis N Rahn Mixed Gold
Jerome Mine Gold
John Sloan Mixed Gold
Johnson Mine Underground Gold
Last Chance Mine Gold
Last Chance Vein BLM Administrative Area Gold
Laurella Mine Gold
Leviathan Mixed Gold
Leviathan Mine Private Underground Gold
Lillian and Upton Placers George Upton And Maurine E Sanborn Mixed Gold
Lode 1896 Patent Solomon, John Mixed Gold
Lone Star and Lucky Three R. R Mcdonald Mixed Gold
Lucky Johnnie and Katie Dan J Callahan Mixed Gold
Maybe Kenneth Sul Mixed Gold
Model Placers Gold
Monica John L Riggins, Charles Howe, Louis Pollack Private Gold
Monica Mine Private Underground Gold
Mountain View H. Briedenbach, T Schultz State Gold
Mountainside Group George Upton And Maurine E Sanborn Mixed Gold
Mountainside Mine George B. Upton Underground Gold
Myers L. F. Pomeroy BLM Administrative Area Gold
Myers Mine Pomeray, Heying, And Meyers Underground Gold
Navy Group Mrs Marion B Aubert Mixed Gold
Octave Cal Schroeder And Gary Dechristina Private Gold
Octave Mine Private Underground Gold
Old Lyon M. E Vale Mixed Gold
Palmer Placers Les Palmer Etal National Forest Gold
Placerita and French Gulch National Forest Gold
R M Merrill Placers Grant H Merrill Mixed Gold
Red Metal Moore, A. V. Mixed Gold
Red Twister MS 4799 Ruth Thompson Mixed Gold
Rich Hill Gold
Rich Hill Placers Mixed Gold
Rincon Francis E Greer Mixed Gold
Scorpion Ridge Bill Putt Mixed Gold
Sinoski Mixed Gold
Sixteen To One C. O Carlson Mixed Gold
Sunset Patented 1211 Isabella Gold Mines BLM Administrative Area Gold
Unaco Unaco Mining Co Mixed Gold
Upton Placers Gold
Victory Copper C. H Brown C H Barnes Geo Fryer Mixed Gold
W R Merrill W. D Merrill Mixed Gold
War Eagle F. J Gillick Mixed Gold
Weaver and Rich Hill Mixed Gold
Weaver and Rich Hill Placers Gold
Welcome Mine Underground Gold
Wildhorse Placer Gold
Yarnell Gold Project Bema Gold Corp. Unknown Gold
Yarnell Mine Private Underground Gold
Yarnell Mine Robert W Brown Mixed Gold
Yellow Jacket Mine Underground Gold
Yellow Jacket, Last Chance, Etc Peters, Wayne Mixed Gold
York J. H Reis Mixed Gold
Zeigler Louis Meitz Mixed Gold
Ziegler Lease John J Ziegler State Gold
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