Kirkland, AZ Gold Mines

Gold Mines in Kirkland, Arizona

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
American Kirkland C. A Wuest BLM Administrative Area Gold
Brown Locke Claims Brown And Locke Gold
Columbus Charles Irwin Gold
Comanchero Claims W. L. Seeberger And Robert Rowley National Forest Gold
Copper Crown John Sullivan State Gold
Copper Crown Mine Solomon, John Underground Gold
Davenport Placer Davenport National Forest Gold
Dorothy Fraction Richard Darling National Forest Gold
Fiesta Group Penney, Sam S. Mixed Gold
Hassayampa Gold Basin National Forest Gold
Hassayampa Placers Gold
Helmer-Nutter Group Herbert Cullom BLM Administrative Area Gold
Jack of Diamonds Margaret Titus And Bud Rains Mixed Gold
Lawler Peak Area J. Keller Jr Mixed Gold
Little Mint and Little Spring Trott, Nellie S. Mixed Gold
Malapai Group Hassayampa Gold Mining Co State Gold
Malapai Mine Underground Gold
Mammoth Gold
Mammoth Hugh Hubbard State Gold
Mohawk Copper Ace Mining Co National Forest Gold
Peoria Placers M S 2698 State Gold
Placerita Placers Gold
Portland and Pocket Lloyd Pruitt Mixed Gold
Side Bet Claims Thomas Grey Mixed Gold
Side Bet No. 1 and 2 Gold
Silver Crown Arizona-Mich Mining Co State Gold
Silver Crown Mine Underground Gold
T.P. Placers Mrs L Tracey, W L Tracey Etal Mixed Gold
Versuvius Humphries, A. Mixed Gold
Vesuvius Mine H. L. Galloway Surface/Underground Gold
Victory Group Gadberry, A. W. Mixed Gold
Zonia Mc Alaster Interstate Private Surface/Underground Gold
Zonia Group Mc Alester Fuel Co. Private Surface Gold
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