Morristown, AZ Tungsten Mines

Tungsten Mines in Morristown, Arizona

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Ambly Seal BLM Administrative Area Tungsten
Black Butte Prospect Private Surface/Underground Tungsten
Buckeye Claim E And D Hamilton And F A Sayre Private Surface/Underground Tungsten
Buckeye Claim E. And D. Hamilton BLM Administrative Area Tungsten
Buena Vista Surface/Underground Tungsten
Buena Vista Rupert Spivey Tungsten
Climax James Kaler BLM Administrative Area Tungsten
Climax Mine James Kaler BLM Administrative Area Surface/Underground Tungsten
Homestake Group Private Surface/Underground Tungsten
Little San Domingo Mine Federal Tungsten
P and G Claims Palmer, W. L. Mixed Tungsten
Polaris Star, Southern Star Pessim Mining Co Mixed Tungsten
Scheelite Reef Mine BLM Administrative Area Surface Tungsten
Sheelite Reef Earl F Anderson Mixed Tungsten
Shiva Mining Property Crown Cork And Seal Co Mixed Tungsten
Star Group Pessin Mining Co Mixed Tungsten
Tamarack Mc Millan, D. G. State Tungsten
Tamarack Group D. G. Mcmillan Federal Surface/Underground Tungsten
Thrasher Matlock, Archie BLM Administrative Area Tungsten
Tough Nut Group Federal Surface/Underground Tungsten
Tough Nut Group E. G. Savage BLM Administrative Area Tungsten
Trail Thin Property Segrid Thrasher Mixed Tungsten
White Picacho District Tungsten
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