Black Canyon City, AZ Tungsten Mines

Tungsten Mines in Black Canyon City, Arizona

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Diana Miller, Floyd BLM Administrative Area Tungsten
Foy Group Private Tungsten
Great Cross Cut Claims Jim Johnston BLM Administrative Area Tungsten
Great Cross Cut Prospect Jim Johnston BLM Administrative Area Surface/Underground Tungsten
Martin Tungsten T. W Alexander Mixed Tungsten
Mayby William And Barbara Bledsoe And Guy F Mitchell BLM Administrative Area Tungsten
Mayby Mine W. S. And E. G. Hudson Surface Tungsten
Museum Mine Bessie Morgan Tungsten
Seventy - Six Mine Underground Tungsten
Tip Top Tip Top Mining Co National Forest Tungsten
Tip Top District Tungsten
Tip Top Mine Frank Carlisle Underground Tungsten
Tom Wade Mine Tungsten
Tungsten Group Johnston Jimmie And Gladys Mixed Tungsten
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