Kenai Peninsula Borough, AK Gold Mines

Gold Mines in Kenai Peninsula Borough, AK

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Alaska Hills Federal Gold
Alaska Hills Corp. Gold
Alaska Oracle Robert B. Heaston Mixed Gold
Alaskan Axeman 1-2 Mixed Gold
Alice Mae Private Gold
Alley Gold
Anchor Point Gold
Anchor Point Mixed Gold
Anna 13 Thomas Byron - Juneau Bowl Mining Co. National Forest Gold
Anscoa 1-2 Federal Gold
Ashland Gold Mine Mixed Gold
Atwood No. 1 Mixed Gold
Aurora Gold
Babe Mining Co. Mixed Gold
Ballaine and Nelson Ballaine And Nelson State Gold
Bay City 1 and 2 State Gold
Bbk 1-4 State Gold
Bear Creek State Gold
Bear Creek 1-10 Federal Gold
Bench Creek Federal Gold
Bertha Creek Federal Gold
Betty Lee Federal Gold
Big River Gold
Big Surprise Federal Gold
Blaine State Gold
Blair Federal Gold
Block Mine 1-3 Jones And Co.-W. Deering Jones Federal Gold
Blue Dawn Federal Gold
Blue Gulch National Forest Gold
Bobby Fraction Federal Gold
Boese Creek Mining Co. Private Gold
Bonanza Prospect National Forest Gold
Boundary Bill Federal Gold
Brewer Alaska Stevenson, J. W. National Forest Gold
Brewster National Forest Gold
Brewster 1-2 Rocky Bell Federal Gold
Broadview State Gold
Broken Foot Federal Gold
Brown Bear Mixed Gold
Brown Bear Claim State Gold
Calif. - Alaska Mining Co. State Underground Gold
California-Alaska Mining Co. Federal Gold
Cannibal State Gold
Cannibal and Dimpy J., M., M., And M. Ponko, J. Knudsen, And H., And L. Laford State Gold
Canyon Cr. National Forest Gold
Canyon Creek W. Deering Jones Federal Gold
Case Mine State Gold
Case Mine J. F. Case And E. E. Whitney National Forest Gold
Charles Frank Gold
Chenik Federal Gold
Chickaloon 1-9 Federal Gold
Chill Gold
Claims 1-10 Federal Gold
Cleverpork Mixed Gold
Coal Gulch Private Gold
Colorado National Forest Gold
Colorado Group Nancy Hollingsworth And Others Federal Gold
Connoly National Forest Gold
Cooper Cr. National Forest Gold
Cooper Creek Mixed Gold
Crescent Creek Edward Ellis State Gold
Crescent Discovery State Gold
Crevice State Gold
Dave & Zola No. 1 State Gold
Day Harbor State Gold
Dempsey Federal Gold
Devil Club State Gold
Devil Club Ledge Mixed Gold
Devils Creek National Forest Gold
Devils Creek Federal Gold
Diamond Point BLM Administrative Area Gold
Diamond Point Gold Lode Gold
Difficult Creek Cook Inlet Region, Inc. Private Gold
Difficult Creek Gold
Dike Prospect Forty Mile Association Federal Gold
Disc. State Gold
Discovery Federal Gold
Discovery Federal Gold
Donaldson Cr National Forest Gold
Donaldson Creek Ben Queirolo Federal Gold
Double Glacier Gold
Downing Mine F. S. Pettyjohn National Forest Gold
Dunrovin 1-3 Federal Gold
Duryea & Duryea Silver Prospect Gold
Dutton Federal Gold
East Fork National Forest Gold
East Point Mine John Dryer National Forest Gold
East Point Mining Co. National Forest Surface/Underground Gold
Falls Creek State Gold
Ferrum Creek Federal Gold
Flounder Private Gold
Francisco Prospect State Underground Gold
Frank Long Gold
French F. S. Pettyjohn National Forest Gold
Frenchy Creek National Forest Gold
Frenchy Creek S. L. Colwell And J. C. Robertson Federal Gold
Fresno Creek Paul Cordasci Federal Gold
Fresno, Creek National Forest Gold
Gilpatrick National Forest Surface/Underground Gold
Gilpatrick Dike Mine United Mining And Development Co. Mixed Gold
Glacier Fork Gold
Glass & Heifner Gold
Glen State Gold
Gold Stamp Group National Forest Gold
Gold Stamp Mining Co. State Surface/Underground Gold
Golden Chalice 1-6 Federal Gold
Golden Horseshoe Rainbow Mining Co., Joy Willoughby Federal Gold
Golden Zenith Milo And Winfred Flothe National Forest Gold
Goodnews Lars Larson National Forest Gold
Goodpaster Claims Group H. Deac Goodpaster National Forest Surface Gold
Goyne Gold
Goyne National Park Gold
Granite Cr. National Forest Gold
Granite Island Unknown Gold
Grant Lake Dryer No. 1, No. 2 Federal Gold
Gulch Cr. National Forest Gold
Gulch Creek Tom Byron Federal Gold
Gulch Creek No. 1 National Forest Gold
Gull Rock No. 1 Federal Gold
Hale-Peel-Lyngholm Hale, Peel, And Lyngholm Federal Gold
Harris Bay Mining Co. Gold
Hatcher Gold
Hergord 1-2 State Gold
Hillside Prospect Mr. Johnson Federal Gold
Hirshey and Carlson National Forest Gold
Holgate Arm Unknown Gold
Homestake Ledge F. S. Pettyjohn National Forest Gold
Hope Mining Johnson, A. P. Mixed Gold
Independence National Forest Gold
Independence Group Nancy Hollingsworth And Others Federal Gold
Indian Creek Gold
Ingram Cr. National Forest Gold
Ingram Creek Federal Gold
Iniskin Bay Federal Gold
Iola Ronan And James Mixed Gold
Iron Mask National Forest Gold
Iron Mask 1-2 Federal Gold
John H. Dryer Claim State Gold
John's Creek Lode Roland Dailey National Forest Gold
Johnson National Forest Gold
Johnson Mixed Gold
Johnson Gold
Johnson and Skeen National Forest Surface/Underground Gold
Johnson and Skeen Hank Johnson And Frank Skeen Federal Gold
Johnson Creek National Forest Gold
Johnson River North Pacific Mining Corp. (Sub-Cook Inlet Region, Inc) Private Gold
Johnston & Degan Gold
Johnston & Degan Federal Gold
Jones Creek Mine # 1, # 2 Federal Gold
Kachemak Bay State Gold
Kana Gold Mine State Gold
Kelly Claim State Gold
Kenai River Federal Gold
Kenai River Federal Gold
Kenair State Gold
Keno Fred Henton, Ray Mority, And Bill Miller Federal Gold
Keynote Claim National Forest Gold
Kings Bay Placer Federal Gold
Kings River Kelly Keisling And Dennis Dewane National Forest Gold
Kusturin and Johanson Federal Gold
Kusturin and Johnson Gold
La Petite Rouge Federal Gold
Lake Fork Area Gold Prospect State Gold
Lakeshore Mixed Gold
Lakeview Mining Federal Gold
Lazy Jane No. 1 State Gold
Lost Dutchman Federal Gold
Lost Frontier Mine No. 1 Federal Gold
Lower Cripple Creek No. 1 State Gold
Lower Gulch Creek George Stillman Federal Gold
Lower Kenai River Federal Gold
Lucky Lode National Forest Gold
Lucky Strike John Hirshey National Forest Gold
Lynx Cr. National Forest Gold
Lynx Creek Richard Onstott Federal Gold
Lyon's Den No. 1 C., J., And W. Wills National Forest Gold
M.S. 981 Gould, A. C. State Gold
Marguerita, Quartz Creek Clarence Furbush State Gold
Marie George Zimmer State Gold
Marigold Mixed Gold
Mascot Federal Gold
Mcmillan United Mining And Development Co. Mixed Gold
Mcneil State Gold
Mcneil Copper Claims E. Sargent And Associates State Surface/Underground Gold
Mighty Roger Moore National Forest Gold
Mighty Lode National Forest Gold
Mile 7-1/2 F. S. Pettyjohn National Forest Gold
Mile Seven Federal Gold
Mills & Canyon Creeks Area National Forest Gold
Mills & Trimble Gold
Mills & Trimble State Gold
Mills Cr. National Forest Gold
Mills Creek Mills Creek Development Co., Louis Shell Federal Gold
Minerals North No. 1 Federal Gold
Mizpah Ledge Kennedy, Pullen, And Davis National Forest Gold
Moon Anchor J. W. And C. E. Stevenson National Forest Gold
Moss Point Federal Gold
Mull Claims Ervin Mull Federal Gold
Myrtle Donald Sanders Federal Gold
Night-In-Gale Harry Johnson Mixed Gold
Ninilchik Gold
Ninilchik Placer Mixed Gold
No Sweat State Gold
North Arm Federal Gold
North Star Lode Ray Billens Federal Gold
Northwestern Lagoon Unknown Gold
Nuka Bay Federal Gold
Nuka Bay Federal Gold
Nuka Bay Prospect Federal Gold
Nuka Bays Mining Company Gold
Nukalaska Gold
Nukalaska Federal Gold
Orange Blossom Federal Gold
Palmer Cr. State Gold
Palmer Creek James M. Wendt Mixed Gold
Pass Creek Leonard Olson Federal Gold
Pass Creek Mine 4-5 Federal Gold
Pay Streak Ralph Houn Mixed Gold
Peter Sather Gold
Peterson State Gold
Peterson Creek National Forest Gold
Placer Creek National Park Gold
Porcupine Edward Frederick Federal Gold
Port Dick State Gold
Port Graham Private Gold
Primrose Group John Rice National Forest Gold
Prospect No. 69 L. F. Shaw, John Deubruel, And G. Bouchaert State Gold
Quartz Cr. State Gold
Quill 1-4 Federal Gold
Ready Bullion 1-2 Ready Bullion Copper Mining Co. Federal Gold
Redman Creek Federal Gold
Resurrection Bay Mining Co. Archie Yoder State Gold
Resurrection Cr. State Gold
Resurrection Creek Ervin Mull Mixed Gold
River Boy 1-9 Federal Gold
Robin No. 1 Philo, Anna B. National Forest Gold
Robin Red Breast Black Creek Mining Co. C/O Edward E. Ellis National Forest Gold
Robinson & Bowman Federal Gold
Robinson and Bowman Robinson, A. O. And Bowman, C. P. National Forest Gold
Rock Private Gold
Rossness & Larson Gold
Round Robin Assn. Federal Gold
Rusty Walter Plohaus Mixed Gold
Sally 1-3 Jones D. Woody Federal Gold
Sanders Don Sanders Federal Gold
Sawmill Cr. National Forest Gold
Sawmill Creek Roy Roen Federal Gold
Schoonover National Forest Gold
Schoonover George Ross And John Dryer National Forest Gold
Seattle Cr. National Forest Gold
Seattle Creek National Forest Gold
Seward Bonanza C. E. And J. W. Stevenson State Gold
Seward Bonanza Gold Mines Co. State Underground Gold
Seward Gold Co. National Forest Underground Gold
Seward Gold-Telluride R. L. Hatcher And C. A. Mcpherson Federal Gold
Shaw, Debruel & Bouchart State Gold
Shell National Forest Gold
Shell Mine Federal Gold
Shell Mine John W. Horton Federal Gold
Sherno No. 1 Federal Gold
Silver Tip Cr National Forest Gold
Sixmile Cr State Gold
Sixmile Creek George Stillman Mixed Gold
Skeen-Lechner Mining Co. State Gold
Skeen-Lechner Mining Co. F. P. Skeen And L. F. Lechner National Forest Gold
Slate Cr. National Forest Gold
Snipers Point 1-2 Mixed Gold
Sollars Occurrence State Gold
Sonny Fox Gold
Sonny Fox Federal Gold
Ss Lode Smith, Sherman Federal Gold
Stetson Creek State Gold
Stetson No.1-4 Dudley Benesch Federal Gold
Summit Lake No. 2 Federal Gold
Summit Vein National Forest Gold
Sunshine National Forest Underground Gold
Sunshine Group Pete Kopovich And Tom Sabel National Forest Gold
Swetmann National Forest Underground Gold
Swetmann Mixed Gold
Taylor State Gold
Taylor Charles Davis, Charles Gundlach, And Jerry Davis National Forest Gold
Taylor National Forest Gold
Teddy Bear National Forest Surface/Underground Gold
Teddy Bear John Hirshey National Forest Gold
Tidewater Gold
Tidewater Federal Gold
Timberline Creek 1-7 Federal Gold
Tina Baby Donald N. Alsworth And Thomas E. Byron National Forest Gold
Two Arm Bay Federal Gold
Unnamed (along the Kenai River) Gold
Unnamed (in Port Dick) Gold
Unnamed (near Shelter Cove) Gold
Unnamed (near Styx River) Gold
Unnamed (near the mouth of Northwestern Lagoon) Gold
Unnamed (on Granite Island) Gold
Unnamed (on Holgate Arm) Gold
Unnamed (onTwo Arm Bay) Gold
Unnamed Prospect National Forest Gold
Vindicator James Dunmire And Sherman Smith Federal Gold
Wautosh State Gold
Whistler Prospect National Forest Gold
White Sands Federal Gold
Wm. Douglas Group Gold
Yellow Jacket State Gold
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