Index, WA Tungsten Mines

Tungsten Mines in Index, Washington

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Copper Belle Tungsten
Copper Belle Copper Belle Mining Co. Private Tungsten
Cu Wo3 Prospect Brenmac Mines Tungsten
Doris Prospect Norman Chapman National Forest Underground Tungsten
Eldred National Forest Tungsten
Florence Rae Harry Rudebeck, Index National Forest Surface/Underground Tungsten
Florence Rae Tungsten
Florence-Rae Cascade Mining Co. National Forest Tungsten
Golden Eagle Prospect Washington Molybdenum Co. National Forest Tungsten
Hustler National Forest Tungsten
Hustler Claims National Forest Tungsten
Iowa Claims National Forest Underground Tungsten
Jerry Chatman National Forest Tungsten
Jerry Chatman Mine Sultan Basin Mining Co. National Forest Underground Tungsten
Kromona Tungsten
Kromona Kromona Mining And Smelting Co. Private Tungsten
Kromona Mine Kromona Mines Corp. National Forest Surface/Underground Tungsten
Martin, Gail L National Forest Tungsten
Marvel C. F. Smith And Vance Curtiss National Forest Surface Tungsten
Silver Horseshoe National Forest Tungsten
Sunrise Prospect W. E. Oldfield National Forest Underground Tungsten
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