Orange County, VT Copper Mines

Copper Mines in Orange County, VT

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Bicknell Mine Private Copper
Cookville Mine Copper
Cookville Mine Private Surface/Underground Copper
Cookville Mine Private Copper
Copperfield Mine Vermont Copper Co. Private Copper
Dimond Property Private Copper
Dimond Property Copper Prospect Private Surface Copper
Elizabeth Mine Surface/Underground Copper
Elizabeth Mine Leonard Cook Private Copper
Ely Copperfield Mine Copper
Ely Mine (1865) Private Surface/Underground Copper
Eureka Mine/ Smith/Union Mines Copper
Eureka-Union Mine Vermont Copper Co., Inc. Private Copper
Fairlee Gold Mine (1902) Private Copper
Gove Mine Private Surface/Underground Copper
Orange & Gove Mine Copper
Orange & Gove Mines Mr. Glenn Titus (Land) Private Copper
Orange Mine Pat Mines, Inc., Toronto, Ontario Canada. Gerald Harper 416 362-6683 Private Surface/Underground Copper
Pike Hill Mines (1905) Private Surface/Underground Copper
Prospect Hill Mine Chas. Bombard Copper
Smith Mine Private Copper
South Mine Private Copper
Thetford Hill Prospect Dr. And Mrs. Charles Johnson Thetford Hill, Vt. Private Surface/Underground Copper
Unnamed Rowland Eastman Private Surface Copper
Unnamed Copper Prospect Private Surface/Underground Copper
Unnamed Molybdenum Occurrence Private Surface Copper
Walker Mine Robinson, Arthur Private Underground Copper
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