Hill City, SD Beryllium Mines

Beryllium Mines in Hill City, South Dakota

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Annie No 1 Mine Private Beryllium
Campaign Private Beryllium
Cassiterite Lode Private Beryllium
Cowboy Tin Mine Private Underground Beryllium
General Harney National Tin Co. National Forest Surface/Underground Beryllium
Mohawk Tin Mine Private Beryllium
Monkey Lode National Forest Beryllium
Monkey Lode National Forest Beryllium
Oreville Spar Mica Mine Gladys Wells And Fred Heidepriem National Forest Surface Beryllium
Tin Chance and Tin Chance No 1 National Forest Beryllium
Tin Queen National Forest Beryllium
White Blowout Deposit National Forest Beryllium
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