Custer County, SD Tin Mines

Tin Mines in Custer County, SD

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Bob Ingersoll Mine National Forest Tin
Climax Mica Mine Private Tin
Come Along Lode Robert Davis National Forest Surface/Underground Tin
Custer Claim Harney Peak Tin Mining, Milling, And Manufacturing Co. National Forest Tin
Cuyahoga Mine Iron Mountain Development Co. National Forest Underground Tin
Flora Private Tin
Flora Lode Harney Peak Tin Mining, Milling And Manufacturing Co. National Forest Surface/Underground Tin
Louise & Hunter Claim National Forest Surface Tin
New York Private Tin
Occidental Lode National Forest Tin
Occidental Lode Private Tin
Old Jeff National Forest Tin
Szar, Szar 1, Szar 2 Bert Robinson National Forest Underground Tin
Tenderfoot Group Private Tin
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