Linn County, OR Lead Mines

Lead Mines in Linn County, OR

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
44 Mines National Forest Lead
44 Mines Lead
Accident National Forest Lead
Accident Lead
Albany Private Lead
Albany Mine Unknown Lead
Bob and Betty National Forest Lead
Bob and Betty Unknown Lead
Detroit Dam Occurrence National Forest Lead
Detroit Dam Occurrence Lead
Galena Private Lead
Galena Mine Unknown Lead
Highland Chief Lead
Hoot-En-Anne National Forest Lead
Lawler Private Lead
Lawler Mine Unknown Lead
Paymaster Claim Lead
Paymaster Claim Unknown Lead
Red Heifer Lead
Red Ribbon National Forest Lead
Red Ribbon Lead
Riverside Group Lead
Riverside Group Unknown Lead
Savage Group Lead
Silver Signal Unknown Lead
Winter Claim Lead
Yellowbottom-Boulder Creek Area BLM Administrative Area Lead
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