Crook County, OR Mercury Mines

Mercury Mines in Crook County, OR

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Allison Melvin Viles Mercury
Amity Mine National Forest Unknown Mercury
Amity Mine Jennings P. Felix National Forest Mercury
Amundson Mercury H. Campbell And Others Mercury
Amundson Mercury Unknown Mercury
Barnes Butte J. Mckenzie, R. Cunningham, H. Chapin Surface/Underground Mercury
Barnes Butte Mine Unknown Mercury
Beale Mercury
Beale Prospect National Forest Mercury
Blevins Mercury
Blevins Prospect National Forest Mercury
Blue Ridge National Forest Underground Mercury
Blue Ridge Mine C. T. Takahashi National Forest Mercury
Botz Charles W. Sullivan Surface/Underground Mercury
Botz Prospect Unknown Mercury
Bryam-Oscar Ernest Grubbe Private Surface/Underground Mercury
Byram-Oscar Mine E. L. Grubbe National Forest Mercury
Champion David A. And George L. Johnston Underground Mercury
Champion Mine David A. Johnston National Forest Mercury
Cinnabar Gordon S Harrison Mercury
Cinnabar Gordon S. Harrison Mercury
Connant Basin Mercury
Connant Basin Unknown Mercury
Consolidated Quicksilver Miller,Edward P. National Forest Mercury
Devil's Food David Westbrook And Jack Campbell National Forest Surface/Underground Mercury
Devil's Food Prospect National Forest Mercury
Eickemeyer Prospect Herbert Eickemeyer Mercury
Eickemeyer Prospect Unknown Mercury
Gray Prairie Bert Tolladay, Dayton Glover Mercury
Gray Prairie Prospect Unknown Mercury
Hudson Hudson, William And Glover, Dayton Mercury
Hudson Prospect Unknown Mercury
Ideal H. W. Carter, H. J. Campbell, R. H. Miller Mercury
Ideal Cinnabar Mercury
Ideal Cinnabar Mine BLM Administrative Area Mercury
Ideal Prospect Unknown Mercury
Independent Independent Quicksilver Co. Mercury
Independent Prospect National Forest Mercury
Israel Surface/Underground Mercury
Israel Prospect Unknown Mercury
Jimmy Ann Underground Mercury
Joe Dandy Mercury
Joe Dandy Unknown Mercury
Johnson Mercury
Johnson Prospect National Forest Mercury
Kidnap Spring Dayton Glover, Walter Lidstrom Mercury
Kidnap Spring Prospect National Forest Mercury
Little Hay Creek Surface/Underground Mercury
Log Cabin National Forest Mercury
Lost Cinnabar National Forest Mercury
M.A.S. No 1,2,3,&,4 National Forest Mercury
M.A.S. No.1,2,3,&4 National Forest Mercury
Maury Mountain Mines Taylor,C. F. Unknown Mercury
Maury Mountains Mine Underground Mercury
Mayflower Mine National Forest Mercury
Moore Mercury
Moore Prospect Unknown Mercury
Mother Lode Underground Mercury
New Deal Mercury
New Deal Unknown Mercury
Ochoco National Forest Underground Mercury
Ontko Andrew Ontko Mercury
Orion Mining Co. Orion Exploration And Development Co. Mercury
Oronogo Max Stevens, Claude C. Dunham Surface/Underground Mercury
Oronogo Mine Unknown Mercury
Peaslee Creek Frank O'Kelly Mercury
Peaslee Creek Prospect National Forest Mercury
Pinkey John Mcmanman Mercury
Pinkey Prospect Unknown Mercury
Platner Hugo Dobler Surface/Underground Mercury
Platner Mine Unknown Mercury
Powell Butte Unknown Mercury
Powell Butte Uranium Mercury
Red Warrior Mercury
Red Warrior National Forest Mercury
Round Mountain Frank Reid, Dick Toole, Keith Parkinson, George Ra National Forest Surface/Underground Mercury
Round Mountain Prospect National Forest Mercury
Salt Creek Mercury
Salt Creek Prospect Unknown Mercury
Staley Mine Quant, Shirley National Forest Mercury
Strickland Butte Mine Page, M. L. And C. J. Unknown Mercury
Strickland Butte Mine National Forest Mercury
Taylor Ranch John Hudspeth Underground Mercury
Towner Shelby Towner Mercury
Viewpoint Mercury
Viewpoint Prospect National Forest Mercury
Watson Walter Lidstrom, Dayton Glover Mercury
Watson Prospect National Forest Mercury
Wesserling Mercury
Westerling Mercury
White Swan Underground Mercury
Wildfire Cinnabar Mercury
Wildfire Cinnabar BLM Administrative Area Mercury
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