Brownsville, OR Stone Mines

Stone Mines in Brownsville, Oregon

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Ellefson Michael L Ellefson Stone
Ellefson Pit Michael L. Ellefson Stone, Crushed
Hobin Times Mirror Land And Timber Co Stone
Hobin Pit Times Mirror Land And Timber Co. Stone, Crushed
Leblanc Vicki M Bigelow Stone
Leblanc Pit Vicki M. Bigelow Stone, Crushed
Manning Site Merle Manning Stone
Manning Site Merle Manning Stone, Crushed
Norris Ron Norris Stone
Norris Pit Ron Norris Stone, Crushed
Quarry Richard Culbertson Stone
Quarry Mack M Slate Jr Stone
Smith's Fred Smith And Sons Stone
Smith's Pit Fred Smith And Sons Stone, Crushed
Unnamed Pit Mack M. Slate Jr. Stone, Crushed
Unnamed Pit Richard Culbertson Stone, Crushed
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