Montgomery County, NC Gold Mines

Gold Mines in Montgomery County, NC

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Beaver Dam Placer Private Surface Gold
Black Ankle Mine Surface/Underground Gold
Black Ankle Mine Private Gold
Carter Mine Underground Gold
Coggins Mine Underground Gold
Coggins Mine Rich Cog Mine National Forest Gold
Cotton Stone Mountain Prospect Gold
Dutchmans Creek Placer Private Gold
Golconda Mine Underground Gold
Golconda Mine Golconda Inc. National Forest Gold
Henderson Mine Gold
Henderson Mine National Forest Gold
Iola Mine Underground Gold
Iola Mine National Forest Gold
Island Creek Placer Private Gold
Martha Washington Mine Gold
Martha Washington Mine National Forest Gold
Moratock Mine Gold
Moratock Mine National Forest Gold
Morris Mountain Mine Surface/Underground Gold
Morris Mountain Mine Davis Mine National Forest Gold
Riggon Hill Mine Underground Gold
Russel Mine National Forest Gold
Russel-Coggins National Forest Gold
Russell Mine Gold
Sam Christian Placer Private Gold
Sedberry Mine Gold
Sedberry Mine National Forest Gold
Star Mine Underground Gold
Star Mine Reynolds Mine Private Gold
Steel Mine and Saunders Extension Private Underground Gold
Troy Mine Surface/Underground Gold
Unnamed Gold Mine Gold
Unnamed Gold Prospect Gold
Unnamed Gold Prospect Gold
Uwarra Mine Underground Gold
Uwarra Mine Montgomery Mine National Forest Gold
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