Jackson County, NC Copper Mines

Copper Mines in Jackson County, NC

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Allison Prospect Dr. J. R. Brinkley (Of Goatgland Fame) Copper
Bettys Gap Prospect National Forest Copper
Caney Fork Bald Prospect Copper
Coggins Prospect Victor Coggins Copper
Copper Prospect National Forest Copper
Cullowhee Copper Mine Unknown Copper
Cullowhee Mine Surface/Underground Copper
Ducktown District CITIES SERVICE COMPANY Copper
Fanny Hensley Prospect Private Copper
Gunstocker Prospect Cox, T. A. Surface/Underground Copper
Gunstocker Prospect National Forest Copper
Mcclure Prospect Copper
Moody Mine National Forest Copper
Moody Prospect Underground Copper
Panther Knob Prospect Copper
Pardo Prospect Copper
Parker Prospect National Forest Copper
Phillips Prospect Copper
Savannah Mine Tuckaseigee Mining Co. And Olivine Products Co. Copper
Savannah Mine Unknown Copper
Sugarloaf Mountain Prospect Surface/Underground Copper
Sugarloaf Prospect National Forest Copper
Unnamed Copper-Iron Sulfide Deposit Private Copper
Way-Ye-Hutta Prospect National Forest Copper
Wayhutta Mine Surface/Underground Copper
Woods Prospect Copper
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