Tyrone, NM Gold Mines

Gold Mines in Tyrone, New Mexico

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
7xv Ranch Deposits Private Gold
Apache Trail Mine State Surface/Underground Gold
Aplite Shaft L. L Osmer National Forest Gold
Astrologer Mine Charles Ray National Forest Gold
Austin-Amazon Mines Includes High Point Extension Private Surface/Underground Gold
Barnett Gold
Bisbee Gold
Bisbee Mine Mixed Gold
Bismuth Lode Mine G. O. Gwyn Private Surface/Underground Gold
Bismuth Lode Mine Gold
Black Hawk Mine Black Hawk Mining And Milling Co. Private Surface/Underground Gold
Bouncing Bet Gold
Brachman Prospect Mixed Gold
Burro Mountains District Gold
Calamity Gold
Calamity Mine Mixed Gold
Combination and Copper Glance Mines Gold
Contact Group Private Surface/Underground Gold
Copper Glance Mine Dave H Tullock Mixed Gold
Double Strike Deposit State Gold
Double Strike Prospects State Gold
Eugenie Gold
Eugenie Mine Mixed Gold
Foster Zinc Mine Gold
Full Moon Mine Private Surface/Underground Gold
Gold Gulch Placer National Forest Gold
Gold Lake Lode Gold
Gold Lake Placer Gold
Gold Lake Placer Private Gold
Golden Eagle Gold
Hop Williams Mine C. Russell And C R Altman National Forest Gold
Hummer Mine R. L And C A Shipp Mixed Gold
Illinois Lode Pacific Western Land Co Private Gold
Inez Mine Private Gold
Joy Group Gold
Lucky Strike No. 1 , 2 & 3 Gold
Merry Widow Mine Hill, A. G. Mixed Gold
Monarch No. 2 Gold
National Copper Company Mine Mixed Gold
Neglected Mine National Forest Surface/Underground Gold
Neglected Mine C. Russell National Forest Gold
New Years Gift Gold
New Years Gift Mine C. O And Fred Prevost Mixed Gold
Osmer Gold Gold
Paddy Ford Shaft Private Surface/Underground Gold
Paddy Ford Shaft Fritz Buck Estate Mixed Gold
Paymaster Gold
Paymaster Deposit Fritz Buck Estate Mixed Gold
Rose Mine Private Surface/Underground Gold
Russell Gold Deposit and Uncle Jimmy Thwaits Gold
Shamrock Gold
Shrine Fluorspar Mine Allied Chemical Corp., General Chemical Division Private Surface/Underground Gold
Shrine Mine National Forest Gold
Silver Dollar Mine National Forest Underground Gold
Silver Dollar Mine M. N Kuykendahl National Forest Gold
Silver King-Mystery Mine Gold
Sprouse-Copeland Mines National Forest Surface/Underground Gold
Summit Gold
Summit Deposit C. Russell National Forest Gold
Tullock Shaft Private Underground Gold
Two-Best-In-Three Ira L Wright Private Gold
Tyrone Phelps Dodge Corp. Private Gold
Tyrone Mine Private Gold
Virtue Mine Pacific Western Land Co Private Gold
Walnut Creek Prospect Mixed Gold
Werney Mine J. B. Frost And Charles Russell BLM Administrative Area Surface/Underground Gold
Wild Irishman No 5 Shafts C. Russell National Forest Gold
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