Nixon, NV Copper Mines

Copper Mines in Nixon, Nevada

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Anglia Prospect Turner, Zeb BLM Administrative Area Copper
Base-Metal Prospects Unknown Copper
Bluebird BLM Administrative Area Copper
Bluebird H. And J Minerals Unknown Copper
Burris Copper
Cinch Mine Private Copper
Copper-Silver Prospects Unknown Copper
Crosby Mine Private Copper
Crown Prince Private Copper
Crown Prince Unknown Copper
Cu Occurrence #1 Private Copper
Dewdrop #2 Prospect Private Copper
Donatelli Mine Private Copper
Donatelli Mine Unknown Copper
Fireball Ridge Cominco Resources International, Ltd. BLM Administrative Area Copper
Franco-American Private Copper
Franco-American Unknown Copper
Gamble Copper
Gold Occurrence Copper
Gold Prospect #1 Copper
Good Hope Copper
Good Hope Unknown Copper
Guanomi Copper
Guanomi Mine Copper
Highgrade Prospect BLM Administrative Area Copper
Iron King Mine Area Southern Pacific Co. Unknown Copper
Jones-Kincaid Mine Private Copper
Jumbo Private Copper
Jumbo Shaft Unknown Copper
M G L BLM Administrative Area Copper
Mammoth Prospect Gould, J. L. "Pat" BLM Administrative Area Copper
Midnight Prospect Copper
NBMG Sample Site 2874 Copper
NBMG Sample Site 2880 Private Copper
NBMG Sample Site 2883 BLM Administrative Area Surface/Underground Copper
NBMG Sample Site 2883 Copper
NBMG Sample Site 2887 BLM Administrative Area Copper
NBMG Sample Site 2887 Copper
NBMG Sample Site 2891 Private Copper
Nevada Dominion Unknown Copper
Nightingale Wolfram Co. Private Copper
Nightingale Mine Private Copper
Owl Lode Private Copper
Owl Prospect Unknown Copper
Perry Unknown Copper
Pyramid Lake Copper Prospect Copper
Red Hammer Claims Copper
Red Hammer Prospect BLM Administrative Area Copper
Section 21 Prospects Unknown Copper
Silver and Gold Occurrence Southern Pacific Co. Copper
Silver Fox Prospect Unknown Copper
Sleepy Joe Private Copper
Star Mine BLM Administrative Area Copper
Star Tungsten Mine Pbc Mining Co, Box 326, Fernley Private Surface/Underground Copper
Surefire Private Copper
Surefire Unknown Copper
Two Chuckers BLM Administrative Area Surface Copper
Unknown Name Occurrence Copper
W Prospect #2 BLM Administrative Area Copper
Wet BLM Administrative Area Copper
Wet Unknown Copper
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