Ely, NV Copper Mines

Copper Mines in Ely, Nevada

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
(Facility) Mc Gill Smelter Private Copper
Alameda Mine National Forest Copper
Amargosa Group National Forest Unknown Copper
Arnold Unknown Copper
Beehive and Tonopah Claims Unknown Copper
Ben Lamoud Unknown Copper
Breechloader National Forest Copper
Calumet Group Unknown Copper
Caroline Unknown Copper
Cleve Creek Prospects National Forest Copper
Consolidated Copper Mines Private Copper
Copper Occurrence National Forest Copper
Copper Queen Mine National Forest Underground Copper
Defiance Mine Copper
Defiance Mine BLM Administrative Area Copper
El Capitan Mine Unknown Copper
Ely Amalgamated Copper Co Unknown Copper
Ely Centennial Tunnel Unknown Copper
Ely Gibraltar Claims Ely Gibraltar Mining Co. Private Surface/Underground Copper
Ely Gibraltar Claims Unknown Copper
Farnsworth-Ely Metal Mine Unknown Copper
Goat Spring Prospect Copper
Good Luck Shaft Unknown Copper
Gore National Forest Copper
Grand Deposit Unknown Copper
Grand Deposit Mine National Forest Surface/Underground Copper
Justice Unknown Copper
Kansas Mine National Forest Copper
Kansas Mine Unknown Copper
Keno #3 Drill Rd & Workings BLM Administrative Area Copper
Keystone Dumps Kennecott Copper Corp. Private Copper
Lucky Deposit Lucky Deposit Mining Co. National Forest Underground Copper
Lucky Deposit Mine Unknown Copper
May Queen Mines Unknown Copper
Mcdonald-Ely Group Unknown Copper
Mcmahon Mine BLM Administrative Area Copper
Merrimac Mine Unknown Copper
Mountain Pride Unknown Copper
Muncy Creek Mine National Forest Copper
Muncy Creek Mine National Forest Copper
Nevada Sunshine Mining Co. Unknown Copper
Paymaster Mine Unknown Copper
Piermont National Forest Unknown Copper
Piermont Mine National Forest Copper
Ray Dar #2 Copper
Rc BLM Administrative Area Copper
Red Hills Mine Private Surface/Underground Copper
Ruby Hill Mine National Forest Copper
Sago-Nevada Copper Co. Unknown Copper
Sam Loc. 951&952 Copper
Sam. Loc. 944&945 Copper
Sample Location 942 Copper
Sego Copper Mine Unknown Copper
Siegel Mines Unknown Copper
Steptoe Drill Road. BLM Administrative Area Copper
Storm Ledge National Forest Copper
Sunrise Unknown Copper
Taylor Deposit Alta Gold Co. Private Copper
Taylor Mill Silver King Mines, Inc. Copper
Taylor Mine Silver King Mines, Inc., K. L. Stoker, President Private Surface/Underground Copper
Union Chief Unknown Copper
Unnamed Prospects Near Majors Place National Forest Copper
Unnamed Workings BLM Administrative Area Copper
Victory Unknown Copper
Ward Silver King Mines Inc. Private Underground Copper
Westphalia Claims Unknown Copper
White Horse Private Copper
Yellow Girl Unknown Copper
Young America Unknown Copper
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