Wayne County, MI Mines

Mines in Wayne County, MI

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Beardsley Bros.Clay Pit Private Clays
Bunte Bros Tile Co.Clay Pit Private Clays
Cadillac Sands Pit and Mill Moore Brothers Sand And Gravel Private Sand and Gravel
Clippert Brick and Tile Co. Pit Private Clays
Cummings-Moore Graphite Private Graphite
Detroit Lime Co Calcining Plant Private Calcium
Detroit Mine International Salt Co. Private Sodium
Detroit Salt Mine Detroit Salt Company, Llc Sodium
E. Rockwood Glass Sand Exposure Private Sand and Gravel
Ford Clay Pit C. J. Rogers, Inc. Private Clays
Ford Clay Pit and Mine Base Wyandotte Corp. Private Clays
Hayes Washed Sand and Gravel Co Inc Private Sand and Gravel
Lightweight Aggregate Corp Pit Private Clays
Mclouth Steel Gibralter Roll'G Mill Private Iron
Mclouth Steel Trenton Rolling Mill Private Iron
Mijal Pit ABC Sand Co. Private Sand and Gravel
Ottawa Silica Quarry & Mill Rockwood Stoneco., Inc Private Sand and Gravel
Redman Pit and Mill Private Sand and Gravel
Rockwood Plant U.S. Silica Company Silica
Rockwood Quarry and Mill Private Stone, Crushed
Sibley Quarry and Mill Kraemer E. And Sons-Mich Private Stone, Crushed
Sibley Quarry Rockwood Quarry Holloway Sand And Gravel Co., Inc. Private Limestone
Stroble Primary Aluminum Plant Private Aluminum
Thomson Pit and Mill Private Sand and Gravel
Wr Grace Zonolite Div Private Vermiculite
Wyandotte Cement Plt. Wyandotte Cement Co. Private Stone
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