Monroe County, MI Mines

Mines in Monroe County, MI

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Deer Lake Farm Pit Private Sand and Gravel
Dundee Quarry and Plant Dundee Cement Co. Private Stone, Crushed
Grape Quarry Private Stone, Crushed
Ida Quarry- Plant & Mill France Stone Co Private Stone, Crushed
Little Sink Quarry Limestone Private Limestone
Maybee Brick and Tile Co Clay Pit Private Clays
Maybee Quarry Private Stone, Crushed
Meyer Brothers'Clay Pit Private Clays
Monroe Quarry Private Stone, Crushed
Ottawa Lake Quarry Private Stone, Crushed
Otter Limestone Quarry Private Limestone
Paxton Pit National Cement Division Private Clays
Petersburg Limestone Exposure Private Limestone
R. W. Sidley-Conneaut Pit R. W. Sidley Inc. Private Sand and Gravel
Rhu's Clay Pit Private Clays
Ritter's Clay Pit Private Clays
Schesberger Sandstone Exposure Private Silica
Scotfield Tile Co Clay Pit Private Clays
South Rockwood Clay Mine F. W. Ritter And Son Co. Private Clays
Turtle Lake Pit Case Bros Co Private Stone, Crushed
Wargle Pit Private Sand and Gravel
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