Hancock, MI Copper Mines

Copper Mines in Hancock, Michigan

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Arcadian Cu Mine North Universal Oil Products Private Copper
Franklin Universal Oil Products Copper
Hancock Copper Mines Private Copper
Hancock Mine Hancock Copper Mining Co. Copper
Mesnard Mine Mesnard Mining Co., Copper
Naumkeag Mine Naumkeag Mining Co., 1859 Copper
North's Copper Pit Private Copper
Pacific Exploration Pacific Mining Co., and Pacific Copper Co. Copper
Pontiac Exploration Pontiac Mining Co. Copper
Quincy Quincy Mining Co. Private Copper
Quincy Cu Mine Private Copper
Quincy Mine Copper
South Side Mine South Side Mining Co. Copper
Unnamed Copper Mine Private Copper
Unnamed Copper Prospect Private Copper
Unnamed Copper Prospect Private Copper
Wendigo Mines Wendigo Copper Co Copper
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