Yellow Pine, ID Mercury Mines

Mercury Mines in Yellow Pine, Idaho

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Antimony Rainbow Group Mine Northwest Mining Co. National Forest Mercury
B and B No. 4 Claim National Forest Mercury
Bonanza National Forest Surface/Underground Mercury
Buck Bed Private Mercury
Bucks Bed Prospect Private Mercury
Fern Private Mercury
Fern Mine Baugh, T. R. Private Mercury
H. T. Abstein's Property Private Mercury
H. T. Abstein's Property Private Mercury
Hennessey National Forest Mercury
Hennessey Prospect Idaho Minerals Co. National Forest Mercury
Hermes Mine (includes Fern Mine) Bonanza Mines Private Underground Mercury
Independence National Forest Mercury
Moose Meadow Placer National Forest Mercury
Mountain Chief National Forest Mercury
Mountain Chief Prospect National Forest Mercury
Name Unknown Mercury
North Monday National Forest Mercury
North Monday Prospect Yellow Pine Co. National Forest Underground Mercury
Rare Earth Occurrence National Forest Surface Mercury
Root Ranch Placer National Forest Mercury
Smith Private Mercury
Smith Prospect Private Mercury
Sugar Creek Private Mercury
Vermillion Private Mercury
Vermillion Mine United Mercury Mines, Inc. Private Mercury
White Metal Private Mercury
White Metal Prospect Private Mercury
Yellow Pine Mine Private Mercury
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