Warren, ID Zinc Mines

Zinc Mines in Warren, Idaho

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Ann Nos. 1 and 2 Cecil Woodward National Forest Zinc
Arlise Vein Mine National Forest Zinc
Blue Jay National Forest Zinc
Blue Jay Mine/Sterling Silver 1,2,3 Robert Painter National Forest Zinc
Dewey Occurrence Reuben Mc Gregor National Forest Zinc
Duerden Prospect Jack Duerdon National Forest Zinc
Emily Mine Pete Ashton, R. A. Hughes National Forest Surface Zinc
Gold Crown Deposit Schultz, A. F. Private Zinc
Gold Run Mine National Forest Zinc
Golden Anchor Mine Private Zinc
Goodenough Mine National Forest Underground Zinc
Harris-Holte Mine BLM Administrative Area Underground Zinc
Hinkson - Bishop Mine H. R. Hinkson, A. C. Bishop BLM Administrative Area Zinc
Hyatt Deposit G. E. Hyatt BLM Administrative Area Zinc
Josephine Lake National Forest Zinc
Little Giant Mine Unity Gold Production Co. National Forest Underground Zinc
Mammoth Deposit Golden Eagle Mining Co. National Forest Surface/Underground Zinc
Rescue Mine Idaho Rand, Inc. National Forest Zinc
San Francisco Prospect F. A. Raney Private Zinc
Section 33 Lead - Zinc Vein National Forest Zinc
Spokane Prospect Schultz, A. F., Klinkhammer, Pete National Forest Zinc
Squaw Pk National Forest Zinc
St. Louis Prospect Galen L. Stone Private Underground Zinc
St. Paul Prospect W. D. Vincent, W. Nichols, F. Culbertson National Forest Zinc
Tiger Prospect Lou Anderson National Forest Zinc
Unity Mine Unity Gold Production Co. National Forest Underground Zinc
War Eagle Mine Surface/Underground Zinc
War Eagle Mine Ken Lexa National Forest Zinc
War Eagle Prospect National Forest Surface/Underground Zinc
Washington Deposit Washington Mining And Milling Co. BLM Administrative Area Zinc
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