Medimont, ID Lead Mines

Lead Mines in Medimont, Idaho

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Blue Bird Prospect Blue Bird Mining Co. National Forest Surface/Underground Lead
Caribou Mine Caribou Mining Co., (W. J. Burns, Sr.) National Forest Underground Lead
Elk Mountain Group Painted Desert Uranium And Oil Co. National Forest Lead
Fourth of July Canyon National Forest Lead
Gray Eagle Prospect Private Underground Lead
Gray Wolf Prospect Gray Wolf Mining Co. National Forest Underground Lead
Johnny Mack Prospect National Forest Surface/Underground Lead
Jumbo Claim Group Private Lead
King Tut Prospect National Forest Lead
Lost Cabin Mine Idaho Gold Fields Inc. (L.A. Thompson President) Private Lead
Radio Prospect Radio Mining Co. National Forest Underground Lead
Rainbow No. 3 Prospect Private Underground Lead
Silver King Prospect National Forest Lead
Silver Mist Claim Private Lead
Silver Tip Mine Silver Tip Mining Association National Forest Underground Lead
Stroebel Prospect Coeur D'Alene Mines Corp. - Spokane Mining Co. Private Underground Lead
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