Kellogg, ID Copper Mines

Copper Mines in Kellogg, Idaho

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Bunker Chance Copper
Bunker Chance Mine Private Underground Copper
Bunker Hill Mine Helena Concentrating Co. Private Underground Copper
Coeur D'Alene Big Creek Private Copper
Constitution Mine Constitution Mining Co. Private Underground Copper
Crescent Mine Old Abe & Tompkins Mining and Milling Co. Mixed Underground Copper
Douglas Mine Copper
Gibbonsville Mng and Explor Co Private Copper
Highland Surprise Mine BLM Administrative Area Underground Copper
Last Chance Mine Emma & Last Chance Consolidated Mining Co. Private Underground Copper
New Jersey Mine Gold Run Gulch Min. Co. Private Copper
New Jersey Mine Private Copper
Ontario Copper
Pine Creek, Yreka District Copper
Pioneer Mines Inc. Property Private Copper
Pioneer Mines Inc. Property Private Copper
Shoshone Private Copper
Silver Dale and Big Hill Mine Private Unknown Copper
Stem Winder Mine Bunker Hill Co. Private Copper
Surprise Mine Highland-Surprise Consolidated Mining Co. BLM Administrative Area Copper
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