Clark Fork, ID Zinc Mines

Zinc Mines in Clark Fork, Idaho

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Alamo Mine Private Zinc
Alamo Prospect Private Surface/Underground Zinc
Antelope Prospect Whitedelf Mining And Development Co. National Forest Surface/Underground Zinc
Blue Flame BLM Administrative Area Zinc
Campbell Mine National Forest Zinc
Campbell Prospect National Forest Zinc
Clark Fork District HOPE SILVER-LEAD MINES, INC. Zinc
Eberly Prospect Private Surface/Underground Zinc
Elsie K Private Zinc
Fullgarth Private Zinc
Fullgarth Prospect Private Zinc
Goat Mountain Private Zinc
Goat Mountain Property Private Underground Zinc
Homestake Prospect Private Zinc
Hope Mine Private Unknown Zinc
Lawrence Mine National Forest Underground Zinc
Lawrence Mine Silverfields Corp. National Forest Zinc
Little Senator Private Zinc
Lucky Strike National Forest Zinc
Lucky Strike Group National Forest Underground Zinc
Miller Mine Private Surface/Underground Zinc
Moss Prospect National Forest Underground Zinc
Moss Prospect National Forest Zinc
North Idaho Mining and Development Co. Prospect Private Underground Zinc
Patchen Group National Forest Zinc
Pier & Cady Mine Private Underground Zinc
Ralph Property Private Underground Zinc
Red Cliff Prospect National Forest Underground Zinc
Redcliffe National Forest Zinc
Regal Group National Forest Underground Zinc
Regal Mine National Forest Zinc
Snow Slide National Forest Zinc
Whitedelf Extension Prospect Private Underground Zinc
Whitedelf Mine Private Underground Zinc
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