Bayview, ID Gold Mines

Gold Mines in Bayview, Idaho

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Burnt Cabin Prospect Burnt Cabin Mining Co. National Forest Surface/Underground Gold
Conjecture Mine Private Underground Gold
Conjecture Mine Underground Gold
Conjecture Mine Conjecture Mines Inc National Forest Gold
Falls Creek Mine National Forest Gold
Iron Occurrence Private Gold
Keep Cool Mine Private Gold
Minerva and Whalen National Forest Gold
Minerva Mine Private Underground Gold
Minerva Mine Gold
New Rainbow Mine Private Gold
North Light Private Gold
Packsaddle Mine National Forest Gold
Pend Oreille District Gold
Pend Oreille Silver Lease Private Gold
Sage Prospect National Forest Gold
Silver Leaf Group Prospect National Forest Underground Gold
Silver Strand National Forest Gold
Tungsten Occ. #2 Bonner County Gold
Venzuela Mine National Forest Gold
Weber Mine Private Surface/Underground Gold
Weber Mine R. B. Austin - Otto Meyer Private Gold
Weisenberger Prospect Private Gold
Wisenberger Private Gold
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