Pasco County, FL Mines

Mines in Pasco County, FL

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Aripeka Quarry Aripeka Limer Co. Private Stone, Crushed
Belcher Mine Belcher Mine Inc Private Stone, Crushed
Bexley Land Trust - Bexley Land Trust Mine Sand
Comas Trust - Comas Trust Mine Sand
Dot Dade City - Hudson Mine Sand
Dot Dade City - Clay Mine Clays
Environmental Capital Holdings - Pasco Rd. Sand
Golden Crown Enterprises, Inc. - Bolton Ave. Sand Mine Sand
Imc Fertilizer, Inc. - Morrell Limerock Mine Limestone
International Minerals and Chem. - Morrell Limestone
Jay Two Three, Inc. - Day 23 Mi Ne Sand
Larkin Contraction, Inc. - Larkin Sand Mine Sand
Lsb Corporation - Lsb Corporation Mine Sand
Lykes Development Corporation - Lykes-Wells Road Mine Sand
Morrel Limerock Mine International Minerals Amd Chemical Corporatrion Private Stone, Crushed
Pasco Lakes - Pasco Road Pit Sand
Plaza Materials - Plaza Materials Mine Limestone
Polk County Mine West Coast Mining And Silica, Inc. Private Stone, Crushed
Steams Peat - Steams Pit Peat
Sun West Mining - Sun West Mine Limestone
Sunset Sand Mine Inc. - Sunset Sand Mine Sand
Swann Lake Corporation - Swann Lake Mine Sand
The Cone Corp. - U.S. 41 Mine Sand
Tkl Development Corporation - Doyle Ranch Sand Mine Sand
Unnamed Peat Deposit Private Diatomite
WRB Enterprizes, Inc. - WRB's Peat Mine Peat
Z Rock Mine Zephyr Rock And Lime Inc. Private Stone, Crushed
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