Hernando County, FL Mines

Mines in Hernando County, FL

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Annutteliga Limestone Quarry Private Stone, Crushed
Ariana Dairy Farm, Inc. - Pedone Sand Mine Sand
Broco Quarry Brooksville Rock Co. Private Stone, Crushed
Brooksville Gay Quarry Florida Crushed Stone Co. Private Stone, Crushed
Brooksville Lime Kiln Chemical Lime, Inc. Private Calcium
Claire H. Clements - Master Tract Mine Sand
Diamond Hill Quarry Florida Rock Industries Private Stone, Crushed
Dot Dade City - Mason-Smith Mine Limestone
E R Jahna Industries, Inc. - Mills Mine Limestone
E.R. Jahna - Mills Mine Limestone
Fla Mining/Matls Mine & Cement Plnt Florida Mining And Material Private Stone, Crushed
Florida Crushed Stone - Greg Mine Limestone
Florida Mining and Mat'Ls - Broco Mine Limestone
Goodwin Brothers Construction Limestone
Hernando Sandpit & Wood Facility - Hernando Sandpit Sand
Lansing Limestone Quarry Private Stone, Crushed
Oman Constr. - Aripeka Mine Limestone
Ridge Manor Mine E. R. Jahna Industries Inc Private Stone, Crushed
Southdown - Broco Quarry Limestone
Stephens Transp Co., Inc Limestone
Stephens Transportation Co. Limestone
Wayne Thomas Pit General Portland Cement Co. Private Clays
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