Rio Grande County, CO Gold Mines

Gold Mines in Rio Grande County, CO

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Annie National Forest Gold
Aztec Mine Private Surface/Underground Gold
Aztec Tunnel Private Gold
Bob Tail Mine Private Gold
Bobcat Private Gold
Bowen Placer National Forest Gold
Cat Creek Area Anaconda Minerals Co. (Division Of Atlantic Richfield) (Cat Claims ; Cruson And Pansze (Lj Claims National Forest Gold
Chandler Tunnel Private Underground Gold
Copper Hill Mine Private Surface/Underground Gold
Decatur Ne District ERNEST MONCRIEFF Gold
Del Norte Mine Private Underground Gold
Dexter Tunnel Private Surface/Underground Gold
Esmond Mine Private Gold
French Tunnel Private Underground Gold
Golconda Group National Forest Gold
Golconda Mine Private Surface/Underground Gold
Guadaloupe Claims Group National Forest Gold
Guadaloupe Mine Private Gold
Highland Mary Mine Private Surface/Underground Gold
Hugh Bly Mine Private Surface/Underground Gold
Ida Tunnel Private Underground Gold
Ida Tunnel Private Gold
Iowa Mine Private Surface/Underground Gold
Iowa Mine Private Gold
Jasper National Forest Gold
Lady Bug Mine National Forest Surface/Underground Gold
Little Annie Private Gold
Little Annie Placers Private Gold
Miser Mine Private Gold
Missionary Tunnel Private Underground Gold
Montroy Tunnel Private Underground Gold
Mt Morriah Mining Co National Forest Gold
Narrow Gauge Mine General Minerals Corp. Private Underground Gold
Perry Mine Cornwall Mining Co. Private Gold
Perry Mine National Forest Gold
Pickens Cut Private Surface/Underground Gold
Reynolds Mine Private Gold
Rio Grande Granite Quarry Private Gold
Robert Burns Claim National Forest Underground Gold
Robert Burns Claim Private Gold
Science Tunnel Private Gold
Summitville District SUMMITVILLE, INC. Gold
Summitville Mine Private Surface/Underground Gold
Summitville Mine Colorado Reclamation Board, State Of Colorado National Forest Surface Gold
Treasure Comstock Group National Forest Gold
Treasure Comstock Group National Forest Gold
Unk Private Gold
Unknown National Forest Gold
Unknown National Forest Gold
Unknown County Gold
Winchester Tunnel Private Surface/Underground Gold
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