Lake George, CO Molybdenum Mines

Molybdenum Mines in Lake George, Colorado

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
A & C Prospect National Forest Molybdenum
Apex Mine J. O'Driscoll And Associates Private Underground Molybdenum
Badger Flats Area Private Molybdenum
Black Prince Mine National Forest Surface/Underground Molybdenum
Blue Jay Mine National Forest Molybdenum
Boomer Mine Private Surface/Underground Molybdenum
Champell Mine F. M. P. Wilder Private Molybdenum
China Wall Area National Forest Molybdenum
Happy Thought Mine Etienne Ritter Private Molybdenum
Hazel Marie Group National Forest Underground Molybdenum
Ida May, Huebnerite Claims Molybdenum
J & S Group W. F. Shaw And Others Private Underground Molybdenum
Jasper Queen Mine Private Molybdenum
Little John Mine National Forest Molybdenum
Littlejohn J and S Molybdenum
Mary Lee Mine U.S. Beryllium Corp. National Forest Underground Molybdenum
Minerva J Mine National Forest Surface/Underground Molybdenum
Redskin Claims William A. Young And Associates National Forest Molybdenum
Redskin Mine U.S. Beryllium Corp. ; Claimants: Carey M. Hunt, Joseph B. Johnson Private Surface/Underground Molybdenum
Redskin Mine Molybdenum
Tarryall Springs District Molybdenum
Tennessee Mine Etienne Ritter Private Molybdenum
Unnamed Silver Occurrence National Forest Molybdenum
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