Gilpin County, CO Uranium Mines

Uranium Mines in Gilpin County, CO

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Big Bertha National Forest Uranium
Blackhawk Placer Meredith L. Yonkers Private Uranium
Bonanza Rutter, Robert L. Uranium
Bullion Federal Uranium
Calhoun-Wood Uranium
Carrol Mine Federal Uranium
Central City, Cherokee, Carroll, Woodmire, Rara Avis Uranium
Cherokee Mine Queen Mineral Ranch Mining Co. Private Uranium
Copper King R. E. Clarida National Forest Uranium
E & H Jelly Roll Mine Uranium
E and H Jelly Roll Uranium
E and H-Jelly Roll Mine Private Uranium
East Calhoun Mine Private Uranium
Elliot Mine Uranium
German Private Uranium
German and Belcher Uranium
Gold Chief Mine Melvin Bowles National Forest Uranium
Golder-Passarella Claims B. Golder And J. Passarella National Forest Uranium
Iron Mine Pewabic Uranium Corp. Private Uranium
Kirk Private Uranium
Kirk Mine Uranium
Pewabic Uranium
Pewabic-Iron Private Underground Uranium
Pricilla Group Claim E. And H Exploration Co. Private Uranium
Queen Queen Mineral Ranch (Mining Co.?) Private Uranium
Rara Avis Federal Uranium
Root Ranch Uranium
Root Ranch Uranium
Root Ranch Lease Private Uranium
San Juan Private Uranium
Spanish Bar Group Spanish Bar Uranium Private Uranium
Spur Daisy Uranium
Spur-Daisy Group Private Uranium
Sunnyside Tunnel Private Uranium
Telegraph Mine Private Uranium
Tucker No 1 Dale Tucker National Forest Uranium
Two Sisters Uranium
Two Sisters Group United Mining And Leasing Corp. Private Uranium
Unknown Uranium
Unknown Private Uranium
Unknown #1 Uranium
Unknown 2 Uranium
Wood Uranium
Wood, E. Calhoun Uranium
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