Custer County, CO Uranium Mines

Uranium Mines in Custer County, CO

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Airborne Anomaly 18 Private Uranium
Barite Lode 2 Private Surface/Underground Uranium
Beck Mountain Lode National Forest Uranium
Big Chief 1 Claim National Forest Surface/Underground Uranium
Bull Domingo Mine E. L. Laycock Private Uranium
Damn Fool Claims National Forest Uranium
Floyd Watters Ranch Private Surface Uranium
G.W. and Antrim Claims George Schweigert Private Surface/Underground Uranium
Gold Crown No. 2 Claim Frank Susman National Forest Uranium
Hardin Claim Group National Forest Uranium
High Park District Private Uranium
King Midas Claims National Forest Uranium
Lee Jones Ranch Lee Jones Private Surface Uranium
Oak Creek (Ilse) District Uranium
Rare Earth Special No 4 Ray Claflin Private Uranium
Sewell Ranch G. F. And C. A. Sewell Federal Uranium
Swartz Ranch D. P. Van Nouhuys Private Uranium
Thorium Mountain Mine Private Uranium
Unidentified Prospect Private Uranium
Wild Girl and High Kicker Claims Williams, Sylvester G. Private Uranium
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