Crested Butte, CO Copper Mines

Copper Mines in Crested Butte, Colorado

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Baltimore, Grandview, Mineral King, Virginia, W. Virginia Copper
Bonton Federal Copper
Brush Creek Group Private Copper
Crested Butte Mining & Milling Co. Grp. Copper
Crystal Tunnel Private Copper
Daisy Copper
Daisy Mine Crested Butte Mining And Milling Co Private Copper
Don #2 Federal Copper
Ella, Ella C, Crown, Justice Copper
Eureka Copper
Evening Star Copper
Great Western Private Copper
High & Mighty Copper
Iron Dune, Copper Queen, Silver Bell, Copper Glance, Copper Extension Copper
Jenny, Jimmy, Mamie, Anna Claims Copper
Kansas City Star National Forest Copper
Keystone Copper
Keystone Mine Copper
Micawber Copper
Micawber Private Copper
Mt Emmons Project Climax Molybdenum Co., Division Of American Metal Climax Inc. (Amax) National Forest Copper
Mt. Emmons Cyprus-Amax Minerals Co. Mixed Underground Copper
New Baldwin Private Copper
North Pole Copper
O F Lode Private Copper
O. F. Lode Copper
Paradise Mine Private Copper
Park City Cons. Mines Co. Copper
Park City Cons. Mines Co. Copper
Puritan Group Copper
Puritan Group Federal Copper
Sheep Mt. Tunnel Copper
Skyline, Wacker, Lead Bullet Copper
Spotted Fawn Copper
Tennessee Copper
Unknown Copper
Unknown Federal Copper
Unknown Private Copper
Unknown Federal Copper
Various Unknown Shafts Private Copper
Virginia Lode Copper
Whopper Lode Copper
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