Clear Creek County, CO Beryllium Mines

Beryllium Mines in Clear Creek County, CO

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Ajax Mica Mine Ralph D. Naslund And Geroge Baer Private Beryllium
Brandt Beryllium
Brandt Beryl-Topaz Prospect Federal Beryllium
Grover Beryllium
Grover Beryllium
Grover Private Beryllium
Grover Mine Beryllium
Grover Mine Beryllium
Grover Mine Joe Grover Private Beryllium
Grover Winsor Pegmatite Beryllium
Jacobsen Ranch Beryllium
Jacobson Ranch Private Beryllium
Mt. Judge Beryllium
Mt. Judge Unknown Beryllium
Mt. Judge Beryl Pegmatite Federal Beryllium
Santa Fe Mountain Private Beryllium
Santa Fe Mountain Beryl Prospect Frank W. Whitenack Federal Beryllium
Santa Fe Mt., Sawmill Gulch Beryllium
Shaffer Hill Beryllium
Shaffer Hill-Jacobsen Ranch Peg. Private Beryllium
Snyder, Saddleback Mtn. Beryllium
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