Chaffee County, CO Silver Mines

Silver Mines in Chaffee County, CO

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Alaska Mine Private Silver
Alie Belle Unknown Silver
Alpha and Beta Private Silver
April Fool Mine National Forest Silver
Atlantic, Mound, Independence Silver
Aztec Unknown Silver
Baal Beck Unknown Silver
Banker Mine Private Silver
Ben Bolts Paymaster Unknown Silver
Ben Hill Mine Private Silver
Black Tiger Mine Private Silver
Bonnie Belle Mine Private Silver
Brighton Mine National Forest Silver
Buckhorn Tun Unknown Silver
Carey Mill Unknown Silver
Cinderella South Mine National Forest Silver
Clinton Mine National Forest Silver
Colorado Gold Mining Unknown Silver
Columbus Private Silver
Darling Mine Private Silver
Delaware Unknown Silver
Desdemona Private Silver
Eclipse Mine Private Silver
Eleven Oclock Unknown Silver
Elkington Mine Private Silver
Eureka Mountain Unknown Silver
Evening Star Mine National Forest Silver
Fairplay Mine Private Silver
Fairview Private Silver
Flora Bell Unknown Silver
Fortune National Forest Silver
Fraction Mine Private Silver
Free Gold District Private Silver
Futurity Unknown Silver
Geneva Claim Silver
Giant Eclipse Unknown Silver
Gladstone Mine Private Silver
Gold Bug Mine Homer Moore Private Underground Silver
Gold Eagle Mine Silver
Golden Age Mine Private Silver
Grand Duke Unknown Silver
Great Monarch and Marshall Tunnel Unknown Silver
Great Monarch Mine Private Silver
Gypse Queen Mine Private Silver
Gypsy Queen Unknown Silver
Hawkeye Tunnel #2 Unknown Silver
Hawkeye Tunnel #3 Unknown Silver
Holy Water Mine Private Silver
Hope District Silver
Irishwood Esther Unknown Silver
Iron Chest Mine Private Silver
Iron King Hematite Deposit Private Silver
Iron Mountain prospect Silver
Jewell Tunnel Unknown Silver
Josephine Mine Josephine Frost Silver
Lachaw Mine National Forest Silver
Last Chance Mine National Forest Silver
Last Dollar Private Silver
Lehigh Unknown Silver
Little Annie Unknown Silver
Little Charm Mine Private Silver
Lucky Mine Private Silver
M and W Unknown Silver
Madonna Mine Colorado Smelting Co. (organized by Anton Eilers) Silver
Major Mine Private Silver
Maple Leaf Unknown Silver
Marion Bell group Silver
Mary Murphy Group Silver
Mary Murphy Mine Silver
Missouri Boy Mine Private Silver
Mizpah Gold Mine National Forest Silver
Modonna Mine Utze Lode Co. National Forest Silver
Moore, D. A. Mason Silver
Moss Flower, Silver King Silver
Mound Mine Unknown Silver
Mt. Harvard Silver
Murcer Mercury Unknown Silver
Ohio and Morningstar Unknown Silver
Ole Bull Unknown Silver
Oshkosh Mine Private Silver
Paymaster Mine Private Silver
Pinyon Mine Private Silver
Polly No 4 Unknown Silver
Pride of the West National Forest Silver
Rarus Warrior Mine Unknown Silver
Rolla Unknown Silver
Sedalia Unknown Silver
Sedalia Mine Joseph V. Dodge Private Surface/Underground Silver
Shamrock Mine Private Silver
Shirley No 3 Unknown Silver
Southside South Cinderella Silver
Speedy Mine Unknown Silver
Stewart Mine Unknown Silver
Sunset Shaft Unknown Silver
Swiss Boy Dump Calaway And Partners Private Silver
Tamarack Silver
Tamarack Unknown Silver
Tasmania National Forest Silver
Thirty-Six-Thirty National Forest Silver
Tilden Unknown Silver
Tom Collins Unknown Silver
Tommy Evans Lode (Survey #14303) Silver
Turret District Private Silver
Vivandiere Mine Private Underground Silver
Yellow Bird Unknown Silver
Yukon Placer Silver
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