Volcano, CA Gold Mines

Gold Mines in Volcano, California

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Ama Oro Underground Gold
Ama Oro Private Gold
Babcock Gold
Babcock Private Gold
Battle Mountain Gold
Battle Mountain Private Gold
Big Gulch Gold
Big Gulch Claim U.S. Government Gold
Boardman Unknown Gold
Caledonia Underground Gold
Clapboard Unknown Gold
Cleveland Gold
Cleveland Private Gold
Cleveland Cons. Gold
Columbus Gold Gravel Private Gold
Columbus Gold Gravel Drift Gold
Downs Peter Barone Underground Gold
Downs Private Gold
Dredge Tailings Gold
Eagle S Head State Gold
Eagle's Head Gold
Elephant Hydraulic Gold
Elephant Hydraulic Unknown Gold
Fort Ann Metcalf, William L. Gold
Fort Ann Mine Private Gold
Forty-Nine Flat Unknown Gold
Garibaldi Dredge Gold
Garibaldi Dredge Private Gold
Golden Gate Underground Gold
Golden Gate Private Gold
Humbug Diggings Unknown Gold
Indian Creek Unknown Gold
Kate Gray Gold
Lagomaraino Drift Tunnel Private Gold
Lagomarsino Drift Tunnel Gold
Live Oak Gold
Live Oak Unknown Gold
Ludekins Gold
Ludekins Unknown Gold
Marklay Mine Private Gold
Marklee Gold
Mokelumne Pedersen, Phillip J. Unknown Gold
Moore Creek Mining Co. Unknown Gold
Parker Underground Gold
Parker Private Gold
Placer Deposit Unknown Gold
Prospects Unknown Gold
Providence Gold
Randell Private Gold
Rendell Gold
Santa Clara Unknown Gold
Three-In-One Kent And Nimmo Gold
Three-In-One Private Gold
Tri Mountain Gold
Tri Mountain Private Gold
Union Flat Gold
Union Flat Private Gold
Unknown Gold
Unknown Gold
Unknown Gold
Volcano District Private Gold
Votaw Ranch Unknown Gold
Wagon Wheel Unknown Gold
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