Stirling City, CA Gold Mines

Gold Mines in Stirling City, California

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Bessie Mine Gold
Bessie Mine National Forest Gold
Big Kimshew Mine Gold
Big Kimshew Ream Burnside Mines Unknown Gold
Bluebird Mine Gold
Bluebird Mine Unknown Gold
Cain Mine National Forest Gold
Cain Mine Unknown Gold
Carpenter Mine Surface/Underground Gold
Carpenter Mine Unknown Gold
Contention Placer Gold
Contention Placer Unknown Gold
Cory & Strong Placer Gold
Cory and Strong Placer Unknown Gold
Crystal Dawn #1 Crystal Dawn Mining Co. National Forest Gold
Edna M. Property Unknown Gold
Edna. M. Property Gold
El Monte Unknown Gold
El Monte Mine P. J. Mchugh Gold
El Monte Toadtown Gold
Excelsior Mine Gold
Fitzpatrick Property Gold
Gallagher Mine Gold
Gallagher Mine Unknown Gold
Garrison's Crater #2 Diana L. F. Garrison, 14848 Migalia Dr., Magalia Ca.95954 National Forest Gold
Gold Mountain Gold
Gold Mountain Unknown Gold
Gold Mountain Mine J. B. O'Sullivan And E. L. Bacon Gold
Golden Summit Unknown Gold
Golden Summit Westcott Gold
Golden Thread Unknown Gold
Golden Thread Property Private Gold
Goodenough National Forest Gold
Grouse Quartz Gold
Grouse Quartz Unknown Gold
Harpy #1 H-D-M Industries Unknown Gold
Huchlebaum Mine Michael Applebaum, P. O. Box 831, Magalia, Ca. 95954 National Forest Gold
Inskip Gold
Inskip Unknown Gold
Inskip Mine John A. And Frank X. Feehan Gold
Last Chance Lode Gold
Little Johnnie Gold
Lost Treasure Mine Gold
Lost Treasure Mine Unknown Gold
Lydia Placer Gold
M-Jon #1 Crader, George A. Unknown Gold
Mammoth National Forest Gold
Mammoth Gold Mine Gold
Mchugh Prospect Gold
Mchugh Prospect P. J. Mchugh Gold
Mchugh Prospect Unknown Gold
Mosquito Creek Unknown Gold
Mosquito Creek Property Gold
Nugget Drift Gold
Nugget Drift Unknown Gold
Owl Property Gold
Owl Property Unknown Gold
Panmarat Quartz Unknown Gold
Panmarat Quartz Lode Gold
Rawhide Property Private Gold
Rawhide Property Unknown Gold
Reese and Jones Gold
Richie Claim National Forest Gold
Roeper Property Gold
Roeper Property Unknown Gold
Sky High Mine Gold
Sky High Mine Unknown Gold
St. Lawrence Private Gold
St. Lawrence Unknown Gold
Star National Forest Gold
Tenderfoot National Forest Gold
Unknown Gold
Unknown Gold
Unnamed Gold Placer Gold
Wescott National Forest Gold
Wild Yankee Mine Gold
Wild Yankee Mine Unknown Gold
Zig Zag Quartz National Forest Gold
Zig Zag Quartz National Forest Gold
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