Ridgecrest, CA Gold Mines

Gold Mines in Ridgecrest, California

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Bellflower Mine Unknown Gold
Blue Eagle Group BLM Administrative Area Gold
Butte Prospect Unknown Gold
Eldorado Prospect Unknown Gold
Fine Gold Group Gold
Gold Bug Mine Gold
Gold Bug Mine Unknown Gold
Gold Pass Mine Unknown Gold
Haunita Gold
Haunita Unknown Gold
Hillside Prospect Unknown Gold
Hoodoo Prospect Unknown Gold
Horoscope Claim Gold
Horoscope Claim Unknown Gold
Huntington Mine Harry F. Willey, Inyokern, Calif. Underground Gold
Iriquois Prospect Unknown Gold
Iron Peak Unknown Gold
Jerry Mine Unknown Gold
Kings Prospect Unknown Gold
Lehigh Valley Group P. R. Light And C. F. Walker, Inyokern, California Underground Gold
Lehigh Valley Group Unknown Gold
Little Audrey Prospect Unknown Gold
Lost Keys D. J. O'Connor, M. L. Rubbert, Inyokern, California Underground Gold
Lost Keys Prospect Unknown Gold
Northern View Prospect Unknown Gold
Prize Prospect Unknown Gold
Rademacher Gold
Rademacher Private Gold
Red Wing Mine Gold
Red Wing Mine Red Wing Mining And Milling Co. Gold
Red Wing Mine Private Gold
Reward Prospect Unknown Gold
Silver Bar Mining and Reduction Co Gold
Silver Bar Mining and Reduction Co Unknown Gold
Spangler Unknown Gold
Spangler Mine Gold
Stardust No. 1 Prospect Unknown Gold
Stellar Group of Claims Ray Young (Mojave) And Ross Hank (Burbank), California Gold
Stellar Mine Gold
Stellar Mine Unknown Gold
Sunnyside Prospect Unknown Gold
Un-Named Shaft Military Reservation Underground Gold
Vera Queen Gold
Vera Queen Unknown Gold
White Star Group of Claims P. Erdman, Inyokern, California Underground Gold
White Star Prospect Unknown Gold
Wildcat Mine Gold
Wildcat Mine Unknown Gold
Yellow Treasure Group Demayo, A. Underground Gold
Yellow Treasure Mine Unknown Gold
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