Martell, CA Gold Mines

Gold Mines in Martell, California

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Argonaut Private Underground Gold
Argonaut Mine Private Gold
Argonaut Mine Private Gold
Clyde Gold
Clyde and North Clyde Private Gold
Gold Occurrence Unknown Gold
Johnson Ranch Frank Boscovich Private Underground Gold
Johnson Ranch Private Gold
Kennedy Extension Surface/Underground Gold
Kennedy Extension Private Gold
Monte Richard Underground Gold
Monte Richard Private Gold
New York Underground Gold
Oaks Gold
Oaks Unknown Gold
Oneida Private Underground Gold
Oneida Private Gold
Oneida Mine Private Gold
Pathfinder Mine Gold
Pathfinder Mine Unknown Gold
Pendola Gold
Pendola Unknown Gold
Placer Deposits Unknown Gold
Schully Ranch Unknown Gold
Sierra Gold
Sierra Unknown Gold
Sunset Gold
Sunset Unknown Gold
Unidentified Workings Gold
Unnamed Shaft Gold
Unnamed Shaft Unknown Gold
Volunteer Underground Gold
Volunteer Private Gold
W.G.Anderson Property Unknown Gold
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