Madera County, CA Gold Mines

Gold Mines in Madera County, CA

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Abbey Mine Underground Gold
Achsah D. Mine Unknown Gold
Adobe Ranch Gold
Agnew Meadows Mining Co. Prospect National Forest Gold
Albion Gold
Albion Mine Unknown Gold
Alpine & Nevada Con. Placers National Forest Gold
Bach Underground Gold
Bach Property Unknown Gold
Bagnelli Unknown Gold
Baker Gold Mining Co Underground Gold
Baker Mine Unknown Gold
Balfron Gold
Balfron Unknown Gold
Balls Area National Forest Gold
Baltimore National Forest Gold
Baltimore National Forest Gold
Bazinet Underground Gold
Belle National Forest Gold
Belleview Gold
Bellview Mine Unknown Gold
Bennett Unknown Gold
Berg Property Unknown Gold
Berg Suction Dredge Unknown Gold
Bessie H. Gold
Bessie H. Mine Unknown Gold
Big Ben and Big Ben No. 1 Claims Unknown Gold
Big Chief Underground Gold
Big Chief Unknown Gold
Big Stick Gold
Big Stick Gold
Bimbo Ext. #5 and #6 Unknown Gold
Bimbo Ext. 5 and 6 Gold
Blind Orphan National Forest Underground Gold
Blind Orphan National Forest Gold
Bliss Prospect National Forest Gold
Bowider Mine Unknown Gold
Bright Star Claims National Forest Gold
Broken Shovel National Forest Gold
Buchanan National Forest Underground Gold
Buckhorn National Forest Gold
Bullion Gold
Bullion Mine Gold
Bully Boy Gold
Bully Boy Group Unknown Gold
Burris Lead Claims National Wilderness Gold
Bussolini Unknown Gold
Butterfly Gold
Butterfly Mine Unknown Gold
Canady Gold
Canady Mine Unknown Gold
Canary Gold
Cargyle-North Fork Bar National Forest Gold
Caroline Gold
Caroline Mine Unknown Gold
Central No. 2 Gold
Central No. 2 Mine Unknown Gold
Chipmunk Gold
Chipmunk Mine Unknown Gold
Chowchille River Placers Unknown Gold
Clyde National Forest Gold
Colorado Gold
Columbus Gold
Columbus Mine Unknown Gold
Combination Claim Unknown Gold
Crabtree Gold
Crestline National Forest Gold
Cross Load Gold
Cross Load Unknown Gold
Crystal Spring Gold
Crystal Spring Private Gold
Daisy Bell Gold
Daisy Bell Gold
Daniels Gold
Daniels Gold
Daulton Group Gold
Diana Federal Gold
Diana Mine State Gold
Doris National Forest Gold
Doris # 1 National Forest Gold
Dredging Locations Unknown Gold
Eagle Unknown Gold
Ed Wells Property Unknown Gold
Eighty-Six Military Reservation Underground Gold
Eighty-Six Mine Unknown Gold
Eliza Jane Underground Gold
Eliza Jane Mine Unknown Gold
Empire Nos 1 , 2 and 3 Gold
Empire Nos. 1-3 Mines Unknown Gold
Enterprise Underground Gold
Enterprise Mine Private Gold
Europa Gold
Europa Unknown Gold
Felts Unknown Gold
Fine Gold Gold
Fine Gold Claim Unknown Gold
Fine Gold Mine Unknown Gold
First Venture Gold
First Venture Mine Unknown Gold
Five Oaks Gold
Florence Unknown Gold
Flori Ori Gold Lode Gold
Flori Ori Gold Lode Claim Unknown Gold
Flying Dutchman Mines Gold
Flying Dutchman Mines Unknown Gold
Freda Gold
Fresno Banner Mine Unknown Gold
Galena King National Forest Gold
Galena King National Forest Gold
Gambetta & Arkansas Travelers Underground Gold
Gambetta and Arkansas Traveler Unknown Gold
Gertrude Mine National Forest Gold
Golconda Gold
Golconda Gold
Golden Crystal & Lucky Strike Gold
Golden Crystal Lode Gold Unknown Gold
Golden Ribbon No. 1 and 2 Gold
Golden Ribbon Nos. 1 and 2 Unknown Gold
Golden Road Gold
Golden Road Unknown Gold
Golden Treasure & Other Claims Gold
Golden Treasure and Other Claims Unknown Gold
Granite Creek Placer National Forest Gold
Hanover Underground Gold
Hanover Mine Unknown Gold
Hardscrabble Gold
Harrietta Gold
Hawkeye Gold
Hawkeye Mine Unknown Gold
Heiskell Property Gold
High Grade Gold
High Grade Gold
Hildreth Gold
Hildreth Mine Unknown Gold
Holbrooke and Harrington Gold
Homestake Gold
Homestake Mine Unknown Gold
Howell Dredge Unknown Gold
Hughes Gold
Hughes Mine Unknown Gold
Indian Peak Mine Unknown Gold
J. M. Gold
J.M. Unknown Gold
Jackass Mountain Mines National Forest Gold
Jackass Mountain Mines National Forest Gold
Jackass Mountain Mines Unknown Gold
Jeff Davis and Canary Gold
Jeff Davis and Canary Unknown Gold
Jesse Bell Erma Daulton-Hatch And Hazel Daulton-Downey Unknown Gold
Joe Devaney Sand and Gravel Co Santoni And Steinhauer Gold
John W. Cates Gold
Johnny Gold
Johnny Gold
Johnny Bull Gold
Johnny Bull Unknown Gold
Josephine Gold
Josephine Mine Private Gold
Keefe Gold
Keefe Unknown Gold
Kennedy National Forest Gold
Kennedy Unknown Gold
Keystone National Forest Gold
Keystone Lode Claim National Forest Gold
Lady Ellen Gold
Lady Ellen Unknown Gold
Lakeside No. 2 Claims National Wilderness Gold
Last Chance Gold
Last Chance Gold
Last Chance Mine Unknown Gold
Laura May Gold
Lawsuit Gold
Lewis Mine Unknown Gold
Lillie Gold
Lillie Mine Unknown Gold
Lingo Gold
Lingo Mine Unknown Gold
Little Bullion Gold
Little Bullion Gold
Little Willie's Mine Unknown Gold
Lon Jones Suction Dredge Unknown Gold
Lottie K Mine Unknown Gold
Lottie K. Gold
Lucky Bill Gold
Lucky Bill Mine Unknown Gold
Madera No. 1 Gold
Madera No. 1 Claim Unknown Gold
Magnet Gold
Magnet Unknown Gold
Mammoth Underground Gold
Mammoth Mine Unknown Gold
Mark Prospect National Forest Gold
Marysville Mine Gold
Mccoon Lease Unknown Gold
Mclaughlin and Pearl Gold
Mclaughlin and Pearl Unknown Gold
Millenium Gold
Millenium Gold
Miller, L. H. Gold
Miller, L. H. Mine Unknown Gold
Mint Gold
Mint Mine Unknown Gold
Monitor Mine Unknown Gold
Moonlight and Starlight Gold
Moonlight and Starlight Unknown Gold
Morning Star Gold
Morning Star Claim Unknown Gold
Morrow Unknown Gold
Mountain Lily #1 Unknown Gold
Mountain Lily No. 1 , Mary, North Star, Etal Gold
Mountain View Gold
Mountain View Mine Unknown Gold
Mud Springs Underground Gold
Mud Springs Mine Unknown Gold
Nellie Gray Gold
Nellie Gray Mine Unknown Gold
Never Sweat Mine Unknown Gold
New Citizen & Pure Gold Gold
North Lillie Gold
Ohio & Marsaba Mines Unknown Gold
Old Blue Gold
Old Blue Gold
Old Northfork Nos. 1 & 2 National Forest Gold
Overlooked Mine Unknown Gold
Owl No. 1 and 2 Gold
Owl No. 1 and No. 2 Unknown Gold
Paradise Gold
Paradise Unknown Gold
Paragon Placer Mines Unknown Gold
Pat No. 1 Claim National Wilderness Gold
Paterson Gold
Patton Gold
Patton Gold
Paymaster Private Gold
Pearce & Pearce Unknown Gold
Pine Flat Placer National Forest Gold
Polk Ranch Unknown Gold
Prospect Gold
Providence Underground Gold
Quartz Mountain Unknown Gold
Quartz Mtn Underground Gold
R.M. Rock Products Gold
Ragesdale Gold
Ragsdale Unknown Gold
Reba Gold
Reba Mine Unknown Gold
Rich Hill Mines Unknown Gold
Riverside Unknown Gold
Riverside & Starlight Gold
Riverside and Starlight Claims Unknown Gold
Round Tree Gold
Roundtree Mine Unknown Gold
Runaway Mine Unknown Gold
S E Canady Gold
San Joaquin Gold
San Joaquin Mine Unknown Gold
Savannah Unknown Gold
Savannah, Etal Claims Gold
Senca Mine Unknown Gold
Shadow Lake Prospect National Wilderness Gold
Sidney Unknown Gold
Silver Horde Mine National Forest Gold
Silver King Prospect National Wilderness Gold
Snow Flake National Forest Gold
Sol Ferino Gold
Sol Ferino Gold
South Fork Bar National Forest Gold
Spangle Gold Mining Co. Unknown Gold
Spangle Gold Mining Co. Claims Gold
St. Patrick & Josephine Underground Gold
St. Patrick and Josephine Private Gold
Standard Gold
Standard Mine and Mill Unknown Gold
Standard No. 2 Gold
Starlight Group Gold
Stayton Mining Co Claims Gold
Stayton Mining Co. Unknown Gold
Stemwinder National Forest Gold
Stevenson Meadow Prospect National Wilderness Gold
Stevenson Meadow Prospect National Forest Gold
Sunol Gold
Sunol Mine Unknown Gold
Sunset View Gold
Sunset View Unknown Gold
Sunshine Underground Gold
Sunshine Mine Unknown Gold
Suprise National Forest Gold
Surprise National Forest Gold
Swede Gulch Gold
Swede Gulch Gold
Telles and Morion Mine Unknown Gold
Ten Strike Gold
Texas Flat Consolidated Gold
Texas Flat Consolidated Mine Unknown Gold
Thrower Gold
Thrower Unknown Gold
Tiger Gold
Tiger Mine Unknown Gold
Tom Agnew Group Prospects National Wilderness Gold
Triangle Mine Unknown Gold
Unnamed Mine Unknown Gold
Unnamed Mine Unknown Gold
Unnamed Placer Gold
Unnamed Property Unknown Gold
Unnamed Prospect Unknown Gold
Volcano No. 1 Underground Gold
Vulcano No. 1 Mine Unknown Gold
Washington Gold
Washington Unknown Gold
Waterloo Underground Gold
Webber Unknown Gold
Williams Gold
Williams & Parker Unknown Gold
Williams and Santone Unknown Gold
Willow Creek Surface/Underground Gold
Willow Creek Mine Unknown Gold
Zebra Gold
Zebra Gold
Zulu Gold
Zulu Gold
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