Izard County, AR Mines

Mines in Izard County, AR

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Adler Hollow Mine Everton Mining And Development Manganese
Alexander Hill Standard Mining Co. (Mineral Rights) Private Manganese
Anderson Prospect Dan Anderson Manganese
Arkansas Limestone Co. Reynolds Metal Co Private Aluminum
Stone, Dimension
Austin Property Ernest Stroud And Stanley Brown Private Manganese
Bevans Prospect Private Manganese
Black Rock Sand & Gravel Co Black Rock Sand And Gravel Co Private Sand and Gravel
Bolt Spur Batesville White Lime Co Private Stone, Dimension
Bone Prospect J. H. Bone Manganese
Breeden Prospect Breeden, J. B. Manganese
C L Sanders Prospect C. L. Sanders Manganese
C.W.Maxfield Prospect Private Manganese
Casey Prospect Manganese
Coleman Property Manganese
Crutchfield Farm L. C. Crutchfield Private Manganese
Cummins Hollow Mine Independence Mining Co Manganese
E D Winkle Prospect E. D Winkle Manganese
Earl Collie Mine Earl Collie Manganese
Ernest D.Martin Property Ernest D. Martin Private Manganese
Glen C.Brewster Property Glen C Brewster Private Manganese
Guion Mill Silica Productsco., Inc Private Silica
Guion Mine & Plant J. W. Williamson Private Underground Silica
Stone, Crushed
H.J.Ray Prospect Private Manganese
Hall Prospect Marqua Mining Co. Manganese
Helm Prospect Private Manganese
Henry King Prospect Private Manganese
Izard Mine Einstein, William Manganese
Johnson Hill Mine G. L Bruner Manganese
Klondike Mine E. W Buskett Manganese
L B Ray Prospect Manganese Mining And Development Manganese
L J Weaver Mine Mrs L J Weaver Manganese
L.C.Crutchfield Deposit L. C. Crutchfield Private Iron
M E Wilson Prospect M. E Wilson Manganese
Mcconnell Mine Denison, W. H. Manganese
Meyersville Spur Reynolds Metal Co. Private Stone, Crushed
Moser Prospect J. B. Moser Private Manganese
Moser Prospect J. W Moser Manganese
Old Joe Freshour Construction Co Private Stone
Penters Bluff Mine American Manganese Corp. Manganese
Pittman Mine Julia Coleman Private Manganese
Pritchett Prospect Private Manganese
Pugh Mine Mike Pugh Manganese
Rangaire Love Hollow Mine Private Calcium
Rudolph Prospect E. A Rudolph Manganese
Ruminer Rough Mine Denison, W. H. And Barksdale, J. F. Manganese
Sand Field Mine W. F Hamby Manganese
Shaft Hill Mine Martin Manganese And Mining Co. Manganese
Skelton Hill Mine J. J Skelton Manganese
Skelton-Hanford Prospect Private Manganese
Slavik and Coleman Properties Manganese
Speck Mine Speck Manganese
St.Clair Marble Co's Prospect Private Manganese
Stone Produducts Corp.Quarry Stone Products Corp. Private Stone, Crushed
Stone, Dimension
T.M.Tate Mine Tate, T. M. Private Manganese
Time Stokes Stone Products Corp. Quarry Private Iron
United Phosphate and Chem Co Unitd Phosphate And Chemical Co Manganese
Unk Private Stone
Unk Private Sand and Gravel
Unk Private Sand and Gravel
Unk Private Stone
Unk Private Sand and Gravel
Unk Private Sand and Gravel
Unk Private Stone
Unk Private Iron
Unk Private Sand and Gravel
Unk Private Sand and Gravel
Unk Private Manganese
Unk Private Sand and Gravel
Verna Mine R. S Hanford Manganese
W.D.Lewis W. D. Lewis Private Manganese
W.K.Tate Prospect Private Manganese
Williamson Property R.R Williamson Limestone
Williamson-Gulley Prospect J. W Williamson And Ransom Gulley Manganese
Woodpecker Hollow Mine Denison, W. H. Private Manganese
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