Mount Pleasant, AR Mines

Mines in Mount Pleasant, Arkansas

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Anderson Prospect Dan Anderson Manganese
Austin Property Ernest Stroud And Stanley Brown Private Manganese
Bevans Prospect Private Manganese
Bone Prospect J. H. Bone Manganese
C.W.Maxfield Prospect Private Manganese
H.J.Ray Prospect Private Manganese
Hall Prospect Marqua Mining Co. Manganese
Henry King Prospect Private Manganese
J R Dobson Prospect J. R Dobson Manganese
Klondike Mine E. W Buskett Manganese
L B Ray Prospect Manganese Mining And Development Manganese
L J Weaver Mine Mrs L J Weaver Manganese
M E Wilson Prospect M. E Wilson Manganese
Mcconnell Mine Denison, W. H. Manganese
Moser Prospect J. B. Moser Private Manganese
Moser Prospect J. W Moser Manganese
Pritchett Prospect Private Manganese
Rudolph Prospect E. A Rudolph Manganese
Time Stokes Stone Products Corp. Quarry Private Iron
Unk Private Limestone
Unk Private Manganese
W.D.Lewis W. D. Lewis Private Manganese
W.K.Tate Prospect Private Manganese
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