Batesville, AR Manganese Mines

Manganese Mines in Batesville, Arkansas

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
A R Chinn Chinn, A. R. Manganese
Adler Prospect No 1 N. A Adler Estate Manganese
Adler Prospect No 2 N. A Adler Estate Manganese
Allen Mine Messrs Alnutt And Purse Manganese
Bales Mine Oliver Iron Mining Co. Manganese
Baxter Prospects George Baxter Manganese
Burge Mine Mrs S E Burge Manganese
Champlain Prospect Private Manganese
Champlain Prospect Champlain, J. B. Manganese
Climer Prospect Private Manganese
Collins Isaac Collins Manganese
Deener Prospect S. W Deener Manganese
Dunegan Mine D. C Dunegan Manganese
G A Wilson Keystone Manganese And Iron Co Manganese
G.D.Reves Tract Private Manganese
Henley Mine Barbee And Malsbury Manganese
Hunt Hollow Mine Einstein, William Manganese
J A Reeves J. A Reeves Manganese
J B Thompson Prospect J. B. Thompson Manganese
J.W.Greenfield Prospect J. W. Greenfield Private Manganese
Lost Forty Private Manganese
Lower Cave Crk Manganese Limestone Private Manganese
Martha Thompson Capt Vance Manganese
Matheny Mine Mrs E Diener Manganese
Miller Rinehart Mine L. B. Miller And W B Rinehart Manganese
Moyer Mine P. J Concannon Manganese
O Flinn Prospect T. J Talbert Tract Manganese
Oliver Iron Mining Co's Prospect Private Manganese
Perrin Mine Ozark Mining Co Manganese
Roberts Mine Polk Bayou Mining Co. Manganese
Rutherford Hollow Mn Limestone Private Manganese
Rutherford Mine Bill And M A Rutherford Manganese
Sand Field Prospect W. E Barnes Manganese
Searcy Cave Hill Prospect N. A Adler Estate Manganese
Shell Reither Prospect Shell, T. F. And Reither, A. B. Manganese
Silberstien Prospect E. A. Silberstein Private Manganese
Simmons Prospect Polk Bayou Mining Co. Manganese
Smith Prospect L. H Smith And G W Smith Manganese
Stark Spring Mine Denison, W. H. Manganese
Thompson Site Bee Vanemburg Private Manganese
Unk Private Manganese
Unk Private Manganese
Upper Cave Crk Manganese Carbonate Private Manganese
W A Chinn Mine W. A Chinn Manganese
W L Greenfield W. L. Greenfield Manganese
W W Allen Mine Leader Mining Co Manganese
W.L.Greenfield Private Manganese
Waco Prospect Waco Manganese Co. Private Manganese
Walbert Mine Vance Mining Co. Private Manganese
Walter Chinn Prospect N. A Adler Estate Manganese
Weaver-Dowdy Private Manganese
Wildcat Halsell And Stafford Manganese
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