Mayer, AZ Copper Mines

Copper Mines in Mayer, Arizona

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Accidential Pritchett, Alma National Forest Copper
Agua Fria District Copper
Alteration Group National Forest Copper
Alturas Mine Copper
Arizona Copper Hill Private Copper
Arizona Mining and Milling Prop National Forest Copper
Barbara State Copper
Belcher Mine Private Underground Copper
Big Bug Claim Group National Forest Copper
Big Bug Mine Mountain Copper Co. Underground Copper
Binghampton Sherwood B Owens Private Copper
Binghampton Mine Private Underground Copper
Black Hills Pierre Perry State Copper
Blue Bell Mine National Forest Underground Copper
Blue Bell Mine and Quarry Sherwood B Owens National Forest Copper
Boggs Patented 908 Fred Gibbs Mixed Copper
Burlington-Iowa Mine Roese, Airheart, And Wilson Surface/Underground Copper
Butternut Mine G. Tessard National Forest Underground Copper
Butternut Property National Forest Copper
California Gene Mrotek Mixed Copper
Carbine and South Carbine M S 3446 Fred Boyd National Forest Copper
Carey Property Lesher Carey National Forest Copper
Champion Mine Underground Copper
Combination Mine Underground Copper
Copper Dike Harold Block Trustee National Forest Copper
Copper Dome Mine Copper
Copper Queen Rex Ricks Private Copper
Copper Queen Mine Private Underground Copper
Cordes Custom Milling Facility Bill Schleisman Mixed Copper
Cumberland National Forest Copper
Express Mine Copper
Ferguson Group Mixed Copper
Fortuna Mr Magaro National Forest Copper
Franco-American State Copper
Goodwin Mine Copper
Gopher M S 19 Bill Peterson And Partners Mixed Copper
Gossan Copper Group Goetz, Charles State Copper
Great Republic Mine Sam A. Parker Underground Copper
Green Monster R. Bennett State Copper
Hackberry Golden Gate Mining Co National Forest Copper
Hackberry Mine Fred Gibbs National Forest Underground Copper
Half Moon Manley And Durant Mixed Copper
Halfmoon Prospect Private Underground Copper
Hall Property Mixed Copper
Henrietta Mine Private Underground Copper
Hull Property Copper
Hull Property Amelia Hull National Forest Copper
Iowa Group Copper
Iowa Group Roese Mining Co National Primitive Area Copper
Iron Queen National Forest Copper
Iron Queen Mine National Forest Underground Copper
John Henry John Williams And Henry Gregg Mixed Copper
John Henry Mine Harold Winsloe Copper
Jubilee National Forest Copper
King Soloman W. K. Wade National Forest Copper
Little Egypt Mine Little Egypt Co. Surface/Underground Copper
Lottie Mine F. Gibbs, W. A. Givens Copper
Mammoth National Forest Copper
Mary Copper Mine Terrell Family, Mayer, Arizona (1940'S) Copper
Maxwell Property F. Maxwell National Forest Copper
May and Malcolm Patented M S 2783 Mixed Copper
Minor Mine Underground Copper
Money Metals Sam Hughes Etal National Forest Copper
Money Metals Mine National Forest Surface/Underground Copper
Moscow State Copper
Mount Union Mine National Forest Underground Copper
Newmont Permit Newmont Exploration, Ltd. State Copper
Occidental Vein National Forest Copper
Old Soldier Jack Shull And Dave And Ethel Biles National Forest Copper
Orofino Robert And George Manifee National Forest Copper
Orofino Mine Underground Copper
Parker Prospect Underground Copper
Patented Claims M S 1746 Mixed Copper
Patented Claims M S 4178 Les Bender, C A Wuest And Don Anderson National Forest Copper
Patton Property Mixed Copper
Pentland National Forest Copper
Pine Flat Mine National Forest Copper
Pocahontas Mixed Copper
Pocahontas Mine Adams And Hake Underground Copper
Poland Jct 53 Mixed Copper
Poland Mine National Forest Underground Copper
Postmaster Gib Mauk National Forest Copper
Postmaster Mine D. W. Ingram, L. M. White Underground Copper
Rebel and Little Kicker Copper
Red Rock Mine National Forest Copper
Red Rock Property Walters, Et Al, A. National Forest Copper
Sterling and Binghamton M S 1316 Conyers Etal National Forest Copper
Sterling Mine National Forest Underground Copper
Stoddard Copper Mtn. Mines Co. Mixed Copper
Stoddard Mine Underground Copper
Sunset Mine Private Copper
Swindler Mine Copper
Swiss Girl Group Brasher, Arthur R Mixed Copper
Tri-Metals F. W Hatch And Geo B Mcgarvey Mixed Copper
Tri-Metals Prospect BLM Administrative Area Copper
Upshot Mine Sullivan, A. And Lawson, C. Copper
Upshot Property St Anthony Mining Co National Forest Copper
Venezia Mine Tenny And Tomlinson , Decker And Tomlinson Underground Copper
Victor Group Kuban, A. J. National Forest Copper
War Eagle J. R Manifee National Forest Copper
War Eagle Mine National Forest Underground Copper
Westerner Gold-Lead Mines Trapshooter Reilly Gold Mines National Forest Copper
Wizard Underground Copper
Yarbo Mine Underground Copper
Young Claims Rob Young National Forest Copper
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