Bouse, AZ Gold Mines

Gold Mines in Bouse, Arizona

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Adela M Woods Brothers Unknown Gold
Adele M and H E M Mine Woods Brothers Unknown Gold
Arizona Midway Mine Arizona Midway Copper Co. Unknown Gold
Big Boy Unknown Gold
Blue Slate Mine BLM Administrative Area Surface/Underground Gold
Blue Slate Mine Group Great Western Gold And Copper Co Unknown Gold
Bluebell Cook Gold
Bouse Gold and Copper Co Unknown Gold
Bouse Gold-Copper Prospect BLM Administrative Area Underground Gold
Bullion Mine Group Gold
Bullion Mine Group Mohican Copper Co Unknown Gold
Camiola Aplington Gold
Chicago Prospect BLM Administrative Area Underground Gold
Cholla Glenn Gold
Climax Aplington Unknown Gold
Copper Burros Bayles Gold
Copper Glance Mine BLM Administrative Area Underground Gold
Coronation Mine Group Blue Sky Mining Co Unknown Gold
Cuprite Mine Group Gold
Danube Wright Gold
Dutchman Mine BLM Administrative Area Underground Gold
Excelsior Mine Williams Unknown Gold
Flying Dutchman Graner Unknown Gold
Four Peaks Frederickson And Positivo Unknown Gold
Garfield King Gold
Gold Prong Brava And Brown Gold
Gold Standard Huffman Gold
Golden Horn Allison Gold
Green Streak Mine Fleming And Aplington Unknown Gold
Hearts Desire Mine Heckler Unknown Gold
Jenny Lind Merril Gold
King Verde Hennessy Gold
Lead Camp Mine BLM Administrative Area Gold
Little Butte Mine BLM Administrative Area Underground Gold
Little Butte Mine Loma Grande Mining Co Unknown Gold
Mammoth Prospect BLM Administrative Area Gold
Mammoth, Chicago, and Copper Glance Corona Copper Co Unknown Gold
Manquita Hicks Gold
Mineral N0.1 Unknown Gold
Moro Mine Group BLM Administrative Area Underground Gold
Moro Mine Group Tegler Unknown Gold
Mudersbach Copper Camp BLM Administrative Area Gold
Muzzy Various Gold
Old Maid Mine BLM Administrative Area Underground Gold
Old Mald Mine Corey Unknown Gold
Record Chris Thompson Unknown Gold
Revenue Mine Group Osborne Unknown Gold
Shamrock Mine Richmond Unknown Gold
Smoke Hole Glenn Gold
Southern Cross Mine Southern Cross Mining Co Unknown Gold
Stafford Mine Stafford Mining Co Unknown Gold
Star Steiner Gold
Surprise Perry Gold
Swansea Mine BLM Administrative Area Underground Gold
Swansea Mine Jim Hedrick, Elmer Bagsdale, John Challinor, Unknown Gold
Unknown Jackson And Lund Gold
Unknown Jones Gold
Unknown Investment Mining And Milling Co Gold
Unknown Gabrial Varela Gold
Unknown A And C Mercantile Co Gold
Unknown Brayton Chem Co Gold
Unknown Maddox Gold
Unknown Dunn Gold
Unknown Hartley Gold
Unknown Apodaco Gold
Unknown Montgomery Gold
Unknown Byers Gold
Unknown Wilson Gold
Unknown Bouse, T. Gold
Unknown Johnson Gold
Unknown Montgomery And Hamlin Gold
Virgin Queen Kaiser Gold
Winchester Aplining Gold
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