Bagdad, AZ Copper Mines

Copper Mines in Bagdad, Arizona

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Antler Gold Mine Walt Rogers BLM Administrative Area Copper
Bagdad Leach and Electrowinning Cyprus Bagdad Copper Co Private Copper
Bagdad Mill Cyprus Bagdad Copper Co Private Copper
Bagdad Mine Cyprus Copper Co. Private Surface Copper
Big Stick Mine State Underground Copper
Black Mesa Mine Private Underground Copper
Black Pearl John Lawler State Copper
Black Pearl Mine State Underground Copper
Bland Mine Federal Copper
Bright Star White, William Mixed Copper
Bruce Mine Private Underground Copper
Bruce Mine Cyprus Minerals Co, 7200 S Alton Wy, Englewood, Co 80155 Private Underground Copper
Callahan Claims Raym King Etal Mixed Copper
Chance Group Lucy, Alec Mixed Copper
Chance Prospect Surface/Underground Copper
Comstock and Dexter Mine Private Underground Copper
Copper King E. A Scholz And J H Cazier Mixed Copper
Copper King Mine Arizona Hillside Development Private Underground Copper
Copper Queen Cyprus Mines Inc Mixed Copper
Copper Queen Mine Underground Copper
Cowboy Gaylen Guest, D T Holmes, J B Campbell Mixed Copper
Cowboy Mine Private Underground Copper
Crosby Mine Private Underground Copper
Cuprum Claim M. L Lynch And J W Lawler Mixed Copper
Cuprum Prospect Underground Copper
Cyprus Bagdad Crusher & Concentrate Cyprus Bagdad Copper Co Private Copper
Ethiopia Mine State Underground Copper
Eureka J. W Lawler And M L Lynch BLM Administrative Area Copper
Eureka District-Arizona Copper
Golden Keys W. R. Edwards BLM Administrative Area Copper
Goodenough Mixed Copper
Goodenough Mine Private Copper
Greek Mixed Copper
Hillside Mine Private Underground Copper
Kerr Mcgee Property Kerr-Mc Gee Corp. Mixed Copper
Mammoth Copper
Mammoth Mike And Bill Lawler Mixed Copper
Mammoth Mine M. J., W. A., And Mrs Mary Lawler Underground Copper
Mineral Dyke Properties John P. Zannaras, Constantine P Zannaras, John P Robinson Mixed Copper
Mountain Spring Craig, Charles Mixed Copper
Mountain Springs Mine Federal Underground Copper
Niagara Claims Mixed Copper
Niagara Mine Private Underground Copper
Old Dick Mine BLM Administrative Area Underground Copper
Oro Bueno Mine Private Underground Copper
Pinafore Mine Private Underground Copper
Pocahontas - Turnbeaugh Mine Private Underground Copper
Red Cloud Lawler Estate BLM Administrative Area Copper
Red Cloud Mine Underground Copper
Sioux Silver Lead Property Lion Hills Mine Inc National Forest Copper
Southern Cross Mixed Copper
Southern Cross Mine Private Underground Copper
Stucky Richard Cravey Mixed Copper
Stukey Mine Private Copper
Sultan Mine Private Underground Copper
Vidano Bert Vidano Mixed Copper
Weepah Mixed Copper
Zannarapolis Zannaras Brothers BLM Administrative Area Copper
Zinc Mountain Claims Copper
Zinc Porphyry F. M Morton Mixed Copper
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